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Also these days(mid-2017) have many posts for Korean actresses, dramas and films that are worth checking out as over the years have become a much bigger fan of Korean dramas versus the ones from Japan.

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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Miku Ito: Her resplendent "Sheer" photobook scans


 It's been a shame I haven't been able to do more posts for Miku as she is just so popular here and it's nice to see viewers like a woman such as her. Last year had three posts for her but she really doesn't appear in all that many magazines and this is just her second regular solo photobook. Miku has been a member of two J-Pop groups but doesn't do as much singing these days save for many anime theme songs but did have a solo single back in April. Speaking of animes she's really increased her voice acting the last two years, in 2021 she did the voice in over ten animes and also voiced characters in at least 25 games, her pace this year is close to that.

 Miku will be turning in October and more of my faves seem to have been born in that month than any other. This photobook was released on December 10, 2021 and what a long gap between books as her first solo one came out back in 2016 and did do a post for it. The photo shoots took place in Kagoshima and Tanegashima, at 128 pics it's a bit of a huge book and have noticed they have been getting larger the last two years. Miku does have a pair of solo concerts coming up so hopefully can do a regular post or two soon for her massive fan base who should enjoy this superb book.

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