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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Double Tone drama episode 3 screenshots and recap

 Though it's not the best drama of the season find myself enjoying this than any other one, bit slow but never drags, an interesting and unique story keeps the viewer wanting more for some reason, at least for me. This show can also go by the name Futari no Yumi, think it means two people who are named Yumi.
 The two named Yumi are Nakano(Noriko) who is living in the present and is a single woman around 30 who is working for a small advertising agency. The other Yumi is Tamura(Tomoka) who is living 2 years in the past(!), she is married with a young daughter and works PT in a small accountant's office, her marriage is a bit shaky for the first two episodes but gradually improves over the 2 shows we'll be reviewing today. For some strange reason the two can see each other's lives in their dreams, why this is happening has yet to come to light but what has come to light in this episode was that Tamura is now deceased, how and why it happened is unknown. She asks Nakano to find out what happened to her so episodes 3 and 4 mainly consist of her trying to find out how she died and trying to do it in a subtle way.
 Meanwhile in the past Tamura though quite tense knowing she's about to die isn't letting it affect her life, she's actually getting along better with her husband and he with her, what looks like a normal family makes one wonder what could have happened, of course it wasn't a mere accident but had to be something more than that and it was. Nakano has started seeing Tamura's husband in the present day and had been pressing him a bit about how Tamura died, it wasn't easy for her but eventually right at this episode's final minute he revealed how she died.... by suicide as she jumped off the balcony of their apartment! This is hard for Nakano to understand as Tamura seemed to enjoy living her life, it had to be something else and this is what Tamura's husband thinks too, could she have been murdered and had it covered up to look like a suicide? Partial answer to that comes in the next episode which is right below this one, also this is exactly the halfway point to this series, shame it's only 6 episodes but like I've said these shorter dramas have no filler and move right along which keeps them fresh and interesting, this one is a prime example of that. Screenshots here of Nakano and Tamura from this episode which should help you follow the plot a little bit better.

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