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Monday, July 29, 2013

Erika Toda: Summer Nude drama episode 4 screenshots

 Losing faith that this drama is going to be subbed any time soon, now through 4 episodes only the first one has been done and it was such a sub par effort didn't want to post screenshots from them, no news of if and when this series will get finished. Just skimmed through the last two episodes because of the lack of subs, show seems okay but there are so many strong dramas this season even though Erika is in this it still may only end up being in around 5th place, this current season is that strong. Ratings too have taken a tumble going from 17.4% to 12.8% to I think 10.7% for the third episode, never seen a show drop that quick especially one with such big stars in it, perhaps the viewers who can understand what's going on are just not happy with it. Oh well, shame for the ratings drop but there is one thing and that's how fantastic Erika looks as Hanae in the series, no describing her untoppable(?) looks as you can be the judge for yourselves, not sure if that's a word.

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