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Friday, December 6, 2019

Nanase Nishino: Few more recent happenings....

 This is Nanase's ninth post in the past fourteen weeks though it seems the total should be much higher as rarely a week goes by without a post. Her last one was done five days ago so naturally that means not a slew of new pics but have 25 superb ones from an event that took place today and didn't want to hold on to them. Think this is Nanase's 374th post and she's really stretched her lead over the second place person. She'll hit the 400 post milestone before anyone else does with ease and it's been a long time since anyone has hit any milestone such as 100 posts.

 Mainly just four groups of pics for today, this first set are older ones but had never been posted before. In all of Nanase's posts have been trying to include many older Nogi cards and most of them came out in the period from 2013 to 2015. Think with this batch we're about halfway there as I had about two hundred older cards I wanted to post.

 Have also been going back in time to include an older mag spread when there aren't any or many new ones. Know most of them have been posted before but presume many have been forgotten as I also don't recall too many of them. Nanase was the cover girl for this oldie which is from the March 19th issue of Young Jump which had included a mini photobook.

 Always have had new Nanase pics from the Non-no site and this may be the first time there's ever been zero, remember her last post was just five days ago. But do have some pics from their site and her small spread in their December issue.

 Today which is December 6th Nanase was at a special stage greeting event for the "Korboccolo" anime film, she's such a fan of animes and mangas. The movie came out on November 29th but there was no event for it until today and it was held at the Cinemart in Shinjuku. It's Nanase's second time being a voice actress for a film and her character's name is Rin, the event was also to promote another anime movie titled "Santa Company- Christmas Secret". Plenty of terrific pics from it and she's been at about five events since the beginning of November. No good video yet from the event so after the pics have another oldie thing but one that's certainly worth a watch as it's a promo video from her first photobook that came out in 2015 with some footage from the photo shoot.

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