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Monday, December 2, 2019

Nao Kanzaki: Thanks for 11 million views(wow!), #12 on the yearly countdown and more....

 Bit of an odd title but have a potpourri of things with the oddest being #12 on this year's top twenty list. Have bemoaned on a few occasions how it appeared there was going to be zero new things to post about that position and sadly I was right. So will make that selection a quickie and just have a few 'greatest hits' to end the post off with. But know everyone will enjoy the upcoming posts in the series as I really wanted to have number eleven this Wednesday.
 It's really going to be a tremendous posts and the fave in that spot has become so immensely popular here so know you'll be enjoying the post. Actually have so many things may hold back a few pics for another post and there should be many for that gal coming up. Also the posts for the next four spots should be terrific as well as I could do posts for them today as I've already started working on them. Perhaps #12 was a bit of a disappointment with new pics but the upcoming posts will more than make up for her position. At the top and below are just a few huge faves of mine who I rarely get to post about these days which is such a shame as both may have made the top ten.

 Those pics are of Ruka with the ones at the very top being of Sarii, both as mentioned are huge faves of mine who are both busy but doing activities which don't make for interesting posts. Yesterday made a comment about how close I was to setting a record for the quickest stretch to get a million views. But actually have to give thanks to you viewers for that as it's not me setting the record but everyone who keeps coming here to hopefully enjoy the posts I've been doing.
 Really went into a detailed look at the last record which I think broke down to 142 days and about five hours. Had that info in a post done of July 14th which was 141 days ago so have about ten hours to set a record. Say that because 11 million hasn't been hit yet but I won't be hear when it happens. it's approaching 9:30 pm right now and need 1,400 views to set a record and that should happen in about 2-3 hours so will break the previous record by five hours and talk about cutting it close. Thought the record would have been set about two weeks ago but for some strange reason the last two weeks of August and the first one in September were the slowest ones in years. End of Summer maybe(?) or perhaps that happens every year but never paid enough attention to the stats.

 Those are the behind the scenes stats that Blogger makes available. As you can see the most views by far are from Japan and it's about 48% of the total views. But that's dipped in the past few years as one time it was over 55%, guess we're becoming more popular world wide these days. Plus there's a list of the top ten most viewed posts which hasn't changed for the last few years save for Mai's post for her "Passport" photobook.
 Once the 'Top Twenty Faves of 2019' series ends will have two mini ones coming up which are actually the second parts of previous ones. The second series will be who were the top twenty most popular women here by the average views their posts for 2019 were, had a previous one for the years 2016-18 and to be eligible you need six posts for 2019.
 The first mini series will be the top ten most viewed posts for the second half of the year which ranged from June 1st to November 30th. Will probably do that in the first week of January as to give those posts done later in the year time to get more views. Already did a post for the top ten posts for the first half, will combine the two lists to have the top ten or maybe even twenty popular posts of the year. As it stands now here are the top five with a link to that post, there's a few posts not far behind so this list could change.

#5  Akane Moriya.... 'More Suspicion photobook tidbits'... 1,364 views

 Have to say this is the most surprising post to be so popular. I think viewers made an excellent selection though as Akane is one of my fave current Idols and is just so underrated, she could be Keya's hottest member and she just celebrated her 22nd birthday on November 12th.

#4  Miona Hori.... 'The Splendacious Miona Hori post #17'... 1,372 views

 As you can see it was quite close for those two spots. Will give away as massive spoiler as Miona will be #11 on this year's list and her post will be on Wednesday. Should be an excellent one as there's a few new mag spreads, an event, all of her 2019 cards and many more things. For a long time she wasn't that popular but that's really changed this year, she's my current #1 Nogi member.

 #3  Risa Watanabe..... 'The paradisiacal Risa Watanabe post #20'... 1,492 views

 These first three posts are all from June, it does help that they've been around for a while but they may be the only ones from the month to be among the most top ten popular ones. Speaking of popular Risa has certainly become that way this year and she just may be #1 for having the highest average of views for her posts. I've been a fan of her for a while now but up until this year her posts didn't draw many views but those pics from her photobook certainly helped.

 #2  Risa Watanabe.... 'Her majestic 26th post'... 1,540 views

 This post is from October 2nd so if a post is truly majestic it will get many views in a short amount of time. she has one post from November that barely missed. Risa has two of the top five popular posts for the second half of 2019 and as mentioned coming into this year never thought something like that would happen. Of course she'll make this year's top twenty list and for now have her in the second position but being #1 isn't out of the question.

#1  Erika Ikuta.... 'Intermission photobook scans'.... 2.940 views

 Of course there was no doubt this would be the #1 viewed post of the second half and it's got 1,400 more views than the runner up. But thought it'd be more popular as Erika's two posts in January drew many more views, those and this one were her only solo posts of the year which means she won't be eligible for the most popular woman list, she was number one for the 2016-18 list.

 Now on the #12 position for this year's top twenty list. Would have much preferred to have a regular post but lack of new things meant it didn't make much sense having a post of just pics you've seen before. But though it's been a quiet past seven weeks Ayaka has been a busy gal this year and I think it's been her busiest year to date as she probably had ten solo posts. She has the lead role in a film coming out in February so come January think we'll be seeing so much more of her.
 Perhaps because of that Ayaka has been taking a current break as she expects to be very busy. Her last post was on October 12th and since then there's been zero events, modeling pics, mag spreads or anything else but there may be one newish spread that's from a Taiwan mag. To me Ayaka is among the top ten hottest gals these days and have thought that way for a few years, how I wish she would release another photobook. If there's one category she's been #1 at this year is Instagram pics and no person has more alluring ones than she has....

 Wish I didn't have do have a post like this for Ayaka but as mentioned didn't make any sense having a regular post for already seen pics. But do expect many new things from her come January and she does have so many fans here. So will end off with those 'greatest pics' I was talking about and Ayaka is truly dazzling, remember will have position #11 coming up on Wednesday.

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