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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Nogizaka46: Manatsu Akimoto's "Shiwase ni Shitai" photobook scans

 Had wanted to have some info on all Nogi photobooks in this post but will hold off on that. What that info was going to be is a breakdown on where the pics for all 35 member books were taken. But only know twenty of them so need to do a bit more digging so will try to have that for the next Nogi photobook post which should be near the end of this month. The photo shoot for Manatsu's first PB took place in New Caledonia, the pics for today were taken in Italy and to me seems most Nogi books were shot in Europe. That first book was a decent seller with close to 60,000 copies sold. Manatsu's popularity must be on the rise as this PB has sold close to 75,000 copies, it's been out of the top ten for a while but sure it's still selling a few hundred a week.

 Manatsu's birthday takes place on August 20th, she'll be turning 27. But for so long I would bet any amount of money that every site had 1994 as her birth year, seems in the past year it was changed to 1993 and did she fib when she first joined the group? Maybe I'm in error on that but really am 99.8% positive that her birth year was changed. On to the pics which total 124(!), these Nogi books are getting bigger and Manatsu shocked me with some of these pics, wow!!! Just surprised she dressed so skimpy versus her first PB which I actually may prefer.

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