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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Rikako Aida: Young Jump mini photobook 'Welcome Back' plus a few other dazzling tidbits....


 This is definitely another 'Blast from the past' post as this is Rikako's first one in exactly a year and only the second one this year for an Aqours member. I really like those girls from the group that are a nine member team who are voice actresses and just do so many projects together. Actually perhaps too many of them as I never know where to start with all of those activities but now that there's been two solo posts in the past month will work on a group one. The other problem at times is that they're so busy doing dubbing for animes, movies and their theme songs they don't do enough mag spreads or event appearances.

 So though this is Rikako's first post in a year won't be covering all that's happened in that time span. The photobook just has forty pics which is actually enough for a post but thought why not add a few more pics in and make this a memorable post? I do like Rikako immensely who is my #1 Aqours member and this is her fifth solo post plus has been featured in the group ones. Rikako is slowly getting up there in age as she turned 28 back on August 8th, at 152 cm she's the group's shortest gal but to me also their hottest....

 Besides the mini PB have a pair of mag spreads and one other tidbit for this year. First set of pics is from the January issue of Photo Technique.

 Back on March 31st Rikako released her first solo album "Curtain Raise", she's also had a pair of solo singles which did well as both hit the top ten on the charts. The album was also a big success as it hit the sixth spot on the charts and voice actresses in Japan are just so popular.

 The album was released just as events were being banned because of the virus so sadly there wasn't one for it, this batch is from a Live Door interview for it.

 Second spread is one that was missed from late last year and Rikako was the cover girl for the December 6th edition of Young Gangan. She's also been in a few group spreads this year and will work on having an Aqours post soon, have to admit I had slightly forgotten about them.

 Now on the photobook that will end the post off and as said could have had a post with this set as there are forty super duper pics. It originally came out in June 2019 and was a digital book but somehow missed it at the time. This is Rikako's third mini photobook for Young Jump, all have been superb and it's worth checking out those other posts. After the pics have a video from one of the songs from the "Curtain Raise" album which is "for....".

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