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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Miona Hori: "Itsunomanika" graduation photobook scans


 May be slow for another day or two and then I hope a slew of posts will be coming your way. There's a TGC show this Saturday and so many of my faves will be there so been holding back a few of their recent things. The best laid plans rarely work out but if things do this time the next seven to ten days could be jammed packed with posts. It's not an official tradition but seven months ago began starting a month off with a overly fabulous photobook and this one here certainly is! However had been planning to have a different book for today but that one came out in June and thought I'd wait another week or so, that book I think the vast majority will end up liking more but to me this one is better!

 Miona's last post was only ten days ago and that was her post for her position on the 'All Time Top Twenty Faves' list, she was in the 13th spot. Was just looking and she's getting so close to 200 posts and it's hard to say anything that hasn't been said yet. Many Nogi members are around or over that 200 post mark but what makes it more special for Miona is that most of hers have been solo posts. This book was released on April 20, 2021 which was a little over three weeks after her Nogi graduation. Miona's first two books each sold close to 80,000 copies but this one only sold around 45,000, think fans were and still are a bit tired of graduation photobooks as there was only one regular book in about a sixteen month stretch while there were seven grad books.

 To me this is truly one superb book and enjoy how there's some variety to it. As you can see above there's gravure pics and does Miona make my blood boil! There's also some fashion pics, wedding ones, few with text and of course some pics with her second generation members. Miona more than anyone else always tried to promote the 2G gals but sadly management didn't listen to her enough, there's just one member left from that generation! Like all recent Idol books the photo shoots had to take place in Japan, title of the PB translates over to Unnoticed. Haven't had this for too long and was thinking about holding on to it until October 15th which is Miona's 26th birthday. Couldn't see the sense in that and sure I'll be able to do a post for her on that day. On to the pics which total 122, guess the only negative things is that this could be Miona's final photobook and all have been so tremendous....

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