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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Miyu Murashima: Her scintillating new Young Jump digital book plus some other goodies....


 At the end of December have a pair of posts for who the top sixteen most popular women were for the year. That's figured out by how many views their posts get or should I say the average of them. So if someone had five posts that had 5,000 views their post average would a thousand. Those averages have been increasing, the top one in 2019 had 1,110 views for an average though of course by now it's higher. Then in 2020 it went up to an average of 1,394 for the most popular woman and last year it was 1.450! Bring that up for I think this year Miyu will end up being #1. This is her seventh post, the first six have an average of almost 1,400 and there's still over three months to go for that average to increase. So Miyu's really become a massive fave of you viewers and set a record last month too. There's a section on the right hand side for the most viewed posts of the last month. At one time in August Miyu had three posts on that list at the same time, that's never happened before!

 Wanted to have a post for Miyu two weeks ago but at the time there just weren't enough new pics. That post would have been for her 24th birthday which took place on August 27th, she's been around for so long you'd think she would be a bit older. Just two other things besides that mini book, it has been a slower stretch for Miyu as of late and that could mean she's been doing many photo shoots, know that's what you viewers are hoping for! First off are some recent IG pics and to my surprise she doesn't post many of them but nice to see her dressed as a regular woman on occasion, no birthday pics.

 Up utiil the end of 2020 Miyu was in the Idol group CHERRSEE, tried to like them but they had this K-Pop sound which I'm not into. The group wasn't too well known so it's shocking how popular she has become, not just here but in Japan. She's often the cover girl of the magazines she appears in and has that honor once again for the September 22nd issue of Young Jump.

 That above spread was a promo for her new Young Jump mini digital book that was released on September 8th, think it's her third book for them. Bit of a smallish book at 49 pics but there's no need to tell you how dazzling Miyu looks, isn't it getting time for her first regular photobook? After the pics there's a video of the photo shoot and I highly recommend viewing it, makes it easy to see why Miyu has become the most popular woman here!!!!

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