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Monday, September 12, 2022

Nene Shida: Her overly sweltering new 'Graduation Trip' digital photobook


 Am taking Monday off so was writing this up on Friday, not sure when it'll be published. Could be Monday for I could easily log in for a few minutes which I just may do as these sweltering pics are burning up my laptop!!!! Blabbered about that because a day or two ago did a post for another photobook, in that said Risa was about to set a new record for most posts by a gravure model in a year. It was her 14th post and the record is fifteen, she will break that record set last year. However it's not a new record for this is Nene's 19th post of the year, so that's the new record for a model which will probably never be beaten. Nene does have more posts than anyone else this year and can see her ending up with about 22 of them. May seem like I post about many gravure models but that's far from the case. There's too many thousands of them to count but 99% of them don't appeal to me that much, there's only eight that I post about on a consistent basis. 

 For the last twenty or so months no one has topped Nene's pics, especially her digital books. Somehow her pics have gotten even better this year which seems hard to believe, this book could be Nene's best to date. Last week the "Kamen Rider Geats" series began and I enjoy those shows. Nene plays the character of Sara Sakurai in the show and have no idea if her role will be a large one, hope it doesn't take away from Nene's modeling! Those series are always subbed so if she has a lot of screen time will do some posts for the show, just know that her character is an office lady and is the older sister of one of the Kamen Riders. On to the book which was released on August 22nd by the Weekly Gendai magazine. The title was 'Graduation Trip' and not sure what that refers to, fairly positive it's not about Nene graduating from college which she did in March. There's a total of 89 pics in this set and am now labeling these kinds of books as Digital ones, perhaps I should have a list in December for my top ones of the year.

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