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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Kasumi Mori: Her soon to be award winning third intro post!


 Wasn't positive but had a strong feeling Kasumi would be popular with you viewers. Was correct thinking that as those first two posts have been very popular, especially the first one. What I really like about women such as Kasumi is that they do such a variety of activities which usually means these posts tend to have a lot of different things and also that there's more posts. She used to be a full time announcer for TV-Tokyo but is freelance these days but is just as busy. Plus she attends many events, does regular and gravure modeling plus does some acting, her doing a guest appearance in a drama last Autumn is when I first noticed her.

 Those first two posts mainly had her things from this year, now its time to move backwards to 2023. Kasumi was a FT announcer up to a year ago and hasn't done things like modeling or appearing in magazines. Those didn't begin until July so most everything except for one batch will be from the second half of 2023 which means nothing is all that old. First up are these photos from her IG page, did have some from November in that last post and these are all from October.

 Kasumi did make the right decision about retiring from FT announcing before she got too old, she'll be turning 29 in June. Bet few could tell how attractive she was sitting in a studio, her first photobook came out a month ago and has been a solid seller with over 25,000 copies sold to date. After leaving Tokyo-TV Kasumi's first gig in her new career was appearing at the May 4, 2023 Spring 'Girls Award' fashion show that was held at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. The pics below are from it and she will also be at this year's Spring show that will be held on May 3rd.

 Kasumi has done a lot of regular modeling with at least three sites, perhaps more and this batch of super duper pics is from the Noela/Bijin Hyakka 2023 Autumn collection.

 Will end off with a trio of Kasumi magazine spreads which seem to be larger than the ones for most other women. The only one left for 2024 is this set from the January issue of Steady.

 Kasumi wasn't the cover girl for that above spread but is for most of them. She does have that honor for this terrific spread from the November 28th issue of Flash.

 Saved the best for last and this is one of the top spreads for 2023, perhaps Kasumi's most sweltering one to date which is from the December 13th issue of Anan. There's no videos from any of the magazine's photo shoots so after the pics is Kasumi's third most viewed video on YT with 1.7 million views and it's a CM for IBJ that came out in January.


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