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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Miku Kanemura: Her mystifying 32nd post....


 Back in February did introduce a trio of newbies but none since then. However may have another new girl on the block this weekend and it is someone I've known about for a while but hadn't paid enough attention to until recently. April has had a solid start but have quickly used up everything I had planned for posts so hopefully can have someone new for you this weekend. Miku has rapidly risen to 32 posts, though I think her activities have slowed down this makes it seven posts since the 'Nao Year' began on December 1st. Think that first solo post for her was done in the Summer of 2022, perhaps a tad earlier and no Idol has more posts since then.

 Last year Miku ended up in the second position on the yearly faves list which I consider to be quite impressive. Still a long way to go until December but it appears she'll be my bridesmaid for the second year in a row! That's never happened before so though Miku may be my #2 woman of the year again it would be two years in a row for being my fave J-Pop Idol, wonder if she has a chance in making my all time top five in that genre? Would think so but that would mean staying with Hina for at least two more years which I think could happen, all of a sudden many first generation members are bolting but can't see many 2G gals leaving for a while.

 That photo right above still stops me in my tracks, know two members have books coming out but think most of us are dying to see her have a second photobook!!!! Miku's last post was done less than a month ago though have almost sixty new pics for today, she's now had at least one post for nine consecutive months and not many can also say that. Tomorrow Hina's 11th single will be released, Miku isn't the center but did have that honor for single #6 "Tteka" that came out in September 2021. It's kind of strange how that's been their lowest selling single though not by much, Hina's sales are so consistent and to me that may have been their best A-side. There's been no recent group cards so will go back in time for some "Tteka" cards and unsure if they've ever been posted.

 Some recent photos from her IG page which you can also find at the Hina group blog, doesn't seem to be as many as usual but then again her last post was done less than a month ago.

 Miku has been a long time model for the Bis magazine but her pics at their site have really slowed down the last four months. There are some new ones but very few so let me hold on to them for her next post. Also don't have any new promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game, the last few months they've been so late releasing them. Plus there's no new magazine spreads however this set is large enough to be one. Miku will be the cover girl for volume four of Gravure Champion, there have been plenty of promo and photo shoot pics that have come out.

 Another Hina member will grace the back cover and the solo posts for members seem to have become more popular than ever and is that because I haven't been doing group posts? Seeing as how there were no regular new spreads let's have an encore viewing of this set that was in Miku's last post and she was the cover girl for the April 25th issue of Weekly Shonen Champion. Not enough spreads for her the last year but is almost always the cover girl.

 On May 3rd the Spring/Summer 'Girls Award' show was held at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo, seven Hina gals were in attendance. Of course Miku was there and she never misses one of those shows, she took her stroll on the Grapefruit Moon stage and did look a bit hippyish.... if that is a word! Hina has their own YT channel for member videos, Miyu uploaded a new one five days ago that also features the group's youngest member. Hina is currently on their Spring tour, when they stopped at Fukuoka she and her mate did some promoting for this year's 'Hina Fes' concert that will take place in Miyazaki on September 7th. The video is after the pics and while interesting it is a bit too long at 37 minutes, the goal was to make 50,000 people aware of the concert!


  1. Who has the better photobook, Miku or Shiho?

  2. Will go with Miku though it's by a very slim margin, personally thought the photobook from Hina Kawata topped them both!

    1. Yeah I agree Miku's is definitely better but Hina's one is the best!

    2. Would you say that Miku is hotter than Shiho?

  3. May give a slight edge to MK though it's like if someone offered you a choice of a pair of thousand dollar bills, it doesn't matter which one you choose as you'll be a winner either way! Speaking of a slight edge Konoka may have her own opinion on that soon....

    1. Yes I agree. I'm waiting on Konoka too.