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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

BababaBambi: The uneagerly awaited fourth solo post for Rui Takanashi.... new 'WPB' digital book and more!


Didn't realize it until a few minutes ago but this is Rui's first solo post since the end of last June though she always has quite a few pics in group posts. At the end of last June is when BababaBambi seemed to slow down their activities quite a bit and there were very few posts for about four months. Things have picked back up and there have been many solo posts this year plus a goal is to have a group post before the month ends. Rui is one of those woman who will always look younger than she is, in October she'll be hitting the age of 27 and two other members will also be doing that this year. Rui has been with BababaBambi since day one and she has an interesting background as she attended college and did get a degree in Linear Algebra, bet no other Idol can make that claim!!!!

 Just three sections for today but there are over seventy new pics and anything that was missed will be in the next group post. First off are these new Rui IG photos from the past 3-4 week, one is from a Maly Moon photo shoot and hopefully their site has new pics for the members. The bottom two are of the group, one member is on hiatus and will explain why in that next post.

 After their March 14th Budokan concert BababaBambi weren't that busy as they were adding three new members but they are now on a mini tour, did do a post some weeks back for one new gal. Up next for Rui is this new magazine spread from the May 20th issue of WPB that's promoting the book and the final pics are from the photo shoot.

 We've already hit the end and for the finale have the new WPB digital book that the magazine released five days ago and it has 53 photos. BababaBambi is a short group, Rui's height is just 151 cm yet there's two members shorter than she is! Will skip having a video as there wasn't one for this book plus Rui has so few on YT that are solo ones.

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