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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Shiho Kato: Hope a few still recall who she is....


 Know her photobook had some beyond ravishing pics but my personal fave has always been that second one above and that came out over five years ago! Hope a few remember who Shiho is as this is her first post in 5 1/2 months, she's never been an easy woman to post about but have never gone this long without one. Last year she did have nine posts which is a record for her, having a photobook helped and she did finish in the 12th position on the yearly faves list. The countdown for this year wouldn't begin until the end of November but there's zero chance 29 will qualify again. It's easy to be eligible for the list as just six solo posts are needed but was looking at who had six last year and bet fourteen won't make the cut for 2024!!!!

 The number of first generation members with Hina is rapidly decreasing, come July there will be only five left. Which is a big reason I haven't been doing any group posts but there's been almost as many solo posts as last year and will admit I could care less about these 4G gals as they're the main reason so many are leaving though them personally aren't to blame. Glad I was wrong with my prediction which of of Shiho graduating this year, she still could at the end of 2024 but bet management wants some older members to stick around as three have left in seven months. Of course I would love to see Shiho stick around for a long time but we all know that won't happen, February 2nd of next year would be a good date for her as on that day she will be hitting the age of 27.

 Sigh, can't depend on her at all these days as the lager should have been the first thing in the carriage.... the only thing too!!!! This will be a large post but had hoped it would have been bigger, Shiho is busy but not at the level she was years ago but she was in a March drama which was her first outside of Hina. First up are these newish pics from her IG page which also get posted at the group's 'Diary' blog though not nearly as many solo photos as usual. 

 Three days ago Hina released their eleventh single, it had been postponed because Nogi had to delay their latest one. Sales are what you would expect and there is no group more consistent than Hina as every single seems to sell between 450-500,000 copies. No cards have come out for it yet but do have these slightly older ones that came out in February and January.

 Shiho has been a model for the CanCam magazine since February 2019, this batch are new modeling pics from their site. Did hear something about her possibly graduating from the magazine but it may have been for a Nogi member whose final two concerts are taking place this weekend.

 No new magazine spreads but Shiho will be the cover girl for the June issue of Brody, some pics from it and when I get it perhaps can do another post as 5 1/2 months without one was just way too long.

 So there being no new spreads how about a trip down memory lane with another set from Brody and this is from their August 2017 issue, almost seven years ago and it may have been her first solo spread.

 While we're in the past let's stay there for one more batch, this set came out in November 2016 and had never been posted before. They're from the Hustle Press site and hasn't Shiho changed so much over the years, of course everyone has but think her looks have changed more than any other member.

Shiho still appears at all of those massive fashion shows and on May 3rd she was at the Spring 'Girls Award' show that was held at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. She took her stroll on the Top of the Hill stage, so many models appear the strolls are usually only about forty seconds long.

 Will end off with these superb promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game. They used to be so good at posting all of the member's pics by the fifth of a month but that's no longer the case, the ones for May haven't come out yet and there were zero for March. Below are four pics for April but eight for February as that's when Shiho celebrates her birthday and then finally four for January.... also have her ones for December as I don't think those had been posted. Hina does have a YT channel for members to upload their own videos but it's many months since she's had one. As a matter of fact Shiho hasn't had a video since February 2nd when she hosted 'Showroom' to celebrate her birthday and that video is after the pics.

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