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Friday, May 3, 2024

Mizuki Yamashita: Her beyond epic "Triangle" mini photobook scans plus many other treats!


 Was 100% certain that previous Mizuki post done a few weeks back would be immensely popular and it was! As terrific as that post was this one is even better so I expect this to garner many more views and it's a shame the posts for her will be ceasing way too soon. Her two graduation concerts will be taking place on May 11th and 12th at the Tokyo Dome so was thinking Mizuki's next post would be about a week after that. Then will also have a post for her stupendous second photobook but always wait three months on those so that wouldn't be done until August. If possible will try to squeeze one more regular post in but she said after those two concerts she will be taking a long break.

 This will be a large post though it could have been bigger. Am holding back one mag spread for that next post which should also include her recent IG pics, photo from her final show, hopefully some Nogi cards and whatever else so that should be a massive post also. First off for today are these pics frorm the group's 'Rajira' radio show that airs on NHK. Thought Mizuki had hosted a radio show but was mistaken with that, she was a guest on last Sunday's show talking about leaving Nogi and her future plans but as mentioned she will be taking a longish break.

 The top four pics of the post were promo ones for Mizuki's second photobook "Herone". In it's first week out it sold 80,000 copies which is a decent amount but lower than her first book. Do have the book though as mentioned won't post the entire thing until August as not to affect sales but do have a few sparkling pics from the book here.

 Today Mizuki made her final event appearance as a Nogi member. It was the Spring 'Girls Award' show that was held at the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo. Mizuki took her mini stroll on the Garuawa stage but couldn't find a video of it, Nogi did perform three songs at the show.

 Have one brand new Mizuki spread that's from the May issue of CanCam, am holding one slightly older one back for that next post. Mizuki has been a model for the magazine since 2018 and don't know if she will be staying with them.

 For the finale have that ultra fabulous Triangle mini photobook. There's been two volumes, the second featured a trio of Hina members and did post one member's set. Volume one featured three Nogi members, have already posted one member's huge spread and the book was released on March 14, 2023. Mizuki was the main cover girl and her set contains 46 overly fantastic pics but wish there was a video of the photo shoot, you never see those for '46' gals. To promote her new photobook Mizuki hosted 'Showroom twice, her second took place on April 23rd and the video is after the pics.

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