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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Nogizaka46: The extravagant and hopefully not last 'Yuuri Saito post' #4!!!!

 Hopefully not the last one but as you can see this is only her fourth solo post in about five years, if there is one more it'll be for her photobook. Those above aren't from it but do have some great new pics from the PB to end the post off with. Know I'm in the vast minority but Yuuri has always been one of the hottest Nogi members in my eyes, much more than the more obvious gals. Think in my last fave Nogi member list she was eighth but that's mainly due to her not doing as many activities but would have her in my top five for hottest members, that bottom pic above is hard to top.
 Yuuri's 'official' graduation date was May 24th but in reality she's had about three of them. She was on a June 'Showroom' program to promote the PB plus a few members have been on her radio show. Have quite a few things for today, some old but mainly new happenings and perhaps if I hold back a few things there can be another regular post. We can also consider this to be an early birthday celebration as she'll be hitting the age of 25 on July 20th.

 That's an outtake from the photobook and in all honesty how many embers top Yuuri? Really not many but not being in the spotlight as often means she's been overlooked by so many fans. To me don't think this was the best time to graduate as she has been a Senbatsu member for about 4-5 singles in a row after being bumped up and down from being an Undergirl. Plus her radio show is doing well and she did have a photobook, wish she stuck around a bit longer. Didn't take long for Yuuri to get her first outside Nogi activity as she'll be in the play "Black or White" that opens August 21st.

 Mentioned above that Yuuri has a radio show and for now she's going to keep hosting it. Show is titled 'Nutty' which broadcasts on Monday nights and have a few pics from the last few weeks. The bottom one is from her last June show which had a few Nogi guests and you can usually find the audio for them on YT.

 On June 20th Yuuri held a big event for the release of her first and only photobook. But she's had two minor ones since then and these are a few pics from it, she had changed her attire at the first event and both took place in the past two weeks.

 Have done close to ten 'pairs post' but none featured Yuuri. Tried to think of who she had been seen with the most but there didn't seem to be that many as she was one of the more popular members within the group, all wanted to be with her(including me). Actually had expected to find more pics with this huge fave of mine as they're close in age and both had been Undergirls for so long before getting promoted.

 They did share one small mag spread together but besides very few pics of the pair. Then thought of another big fave who recently graduated but she too was seldom seen with today's honoree....

 My third guess would have been with this gal who has been featured in two of those special 'pairs posts' and need to get that series revived.

 Struck out again with that top selection but not for this final pair. Who would have thought these two were such buddies but they were, there's actually about ten times the amount of pics than these though not sure they're excellent enough for a pairs post.

 Had to throw that bottom pic in, what a shame the trio have all graduated and soon all of my massive faves will have departed. Yuuri was always one of the highlights of Nogi's variety shows as she's so funny and witty. Also think she's a fine actress too but more so playing comedy characters. She did a fine job in the "Asahinagu" film that came out in September 2017, these are from two events prior to it's release promoting the movie. Still haven't reviewed it but will one of these days.

 Have a pair of mag spreads though this first one was in a group post but in case you missed it an encore of it was definitely needed. This superb set is from the June 18th issue of Flash which was promoting the photobook.

 Brand new set of Yuuri pics here from the August issue of Entame.

 On to some of the best Nogi pics of the year and these photobook outtake ones take a back seat to no member, few are actually from the PB. The book has sold okay in it's two weeks out as it was in second place both weeks for sales and has sold close to 22,000 copies. After the stupendous pics is a video from a very old 'Bingo' show and was wondering earlier today why there hasn't been one this year. The video is kind of a 'Yuuri's greatest hits' which is really worth a view though it's not subbed.

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