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Monday, August 30, 2021

Nogizaka46: The first and sadly last 'Miria Watanabe post'....


 Wanted to wait another day or two before doing this but usually take the final day of a month off  though also don't expect any new pics. So while this may be Miria's first ever post she may have set an unbeatable Nogi record that won't be topped. That's of having more pics than any other member who never had their own solo post, didn't count but wouldn't shock me if the total is over 500! So this is sadly also her final post as Miria will be graduating from Nogi tomorrow but in a way her departure happened a while ago as she decided not to participate in their Summer tour so her final concert was an Undergirl's show that took place on May 26th.

 Every group has those members who didn't get enough of a fair chance and to me Nogi's most perfect example of that is Miria. If you read my posts from 2017-19 I really thought she'd end up being such a popular member which she was to an extant but never had the same opportunities as the gals from the third and fourth generations. That kind of bummed me out as I really liked Miria and she's also such a cute young woman, don't know what's in store for her in the future and actually wonder that too for a few other Nogi members who will be graduating in the next year or two. The graduation was announced in May, Blessed Subs translated her blog message.

 First pic of the post is from Miria's photobook that's coming out tomorrow and is one of the top Nogi pics of the year. Will have many more from the PB to end the post off with, kind of a huge post as there's 94 pics and these are recent ones from her Nogi blog.

 Some older promo cards for the 'NogiKoi' app game, older ones as she's had so few new cards the past two years.

 Have two fine sets of interview pics for the photobook and her graduation. Miria doesn't talk too much about what she'll be doing after her Nogi departure and said she would be taking a break at first, she doesn't turn 22 until November 1st so she's young enough to further her education as I wouldn't think she'd remain in the entertainment field. This first interview is from the Entamenext site and here's the link if you wish to read it: Entamenext interview

 Second interview was with Real Sound, the link to their site: Real Sound interview

 What I haven't done for a while is a second generation group post, will do one next month but they're about to be down to six gals but half will be Senbatsu members on the next single. That last 2G post was done four months ago but have done three solo ones since then, in that last group post was this fine Miria spread from the June issue of EX-Taishu.

 Thought there would be plenty of mag spreads for Miria's first and only photobook but to date there's only been two mini ones, what a slowdown for Nogi mag spreads this year. First five pics are from the August 31st edition of Flash while the bottom three are from the September 10th issue of Friday.

 We've hit the conclusion of this large post and will end off with many promo pics for the PB, there's even more than these. Long title for the photobook which is "Shokyokutekina Hanayasaka" and as mentioned the book comes out tomorrow. Some of the pics were taken in Tokyo and also Hokkaido where Miria originally came from, you have to admit she looks so darn good in these pics. Following them is a video of 'Showroom' which just ended an hour ago, Miria's promoting the PB and will also be hosting the show tomorrow.

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