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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Scandal: Haruna Ono's terrific "Somewhere" photobook scans....


 Don't turn away because of the title as this is truly one decent photobook. Scandal does have many group books but this is the only one to date for a member, have a feeling it'll be the only one. Really hope not as I've adored Mami 😍 for almost a decade now, she's someone I'd love to see have a book but will it ever happen? Odds are against it but will try to work on some sort of post(s) for her though not immediately. The first two posts for August were for Scandal and they were also the very first two ever for the band.

 As I said in those posts I've been a massive fan of the rock group since 2011, at the time it was a battle for who my top female group was between them and Stereopony. That turned out to be no contest and as much as I've enjoyed Idol music over the years Rock will always be my #1 genre. And at the top of the heap is Scandal who I like more than ever and they just celebrated their 15th anniversary as a group, there's been zero member changes in that time. Still view at least one concert video and listen to at least one album a week, not playing anything at the moment but will put something on at any minute. So those first wo posts were semi popular, not to the extent of a Nogi post but perhaps it's because those were their first two ever and expect at least a post or two every month.

 Guess you would have to say Haruna is the leader of Scandal, she does sing most of the lead vocals but two other members write most of the tunes. She's also the oldest gal in the group and on August 10th hit the age of 33. Three years ago on that same date is when Haruna released this photobook and it was a mini celebration for her hitting the age of thirty, now all Scandal members are that age or older. It was so long ago can't recall the sales figures but this PB did sell a lot of copies and her hand shaking event for the book sold out. That took place on August 18th and have plenty of pics here from it, she never looks this thin in concert and here's a short video of the event: Photobook event video

 Now on to the fabulous pics, while Haruna may not be as bodacious as some Idols she does look quite good in these pics and showed a lot more skin than I would have thought. My only semi complaint is that too many pics didn't take up the whole page, just 1/3 to a half. The photo shoot took place in May 2018 on the island of Cebu over the course of two days, it was right after Scandal's Spring tour finished. There's a total of 98 pics in the book and may have another post for it and Haruna soon because there were many outtake pics and there wasn't the room to include them in this post.

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