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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Yui Oguri: Her captivating third post....


 February did seem to be a much slower month than January but there will only be eight less posts, there were three fewer days so actually the average posts a day is about the same. Been eons since there were back to back posts for a pair of AKB members, don't think it's been done since at least 2015 and am I dating myself saying that! I did use to be a huge fan up until 2014 but after so many graduations started to lose interest though did keep following a few members and did continue to view their dramas. Right around 2014 is when I also began to become a Nogi fan but importantly started to get into the Hello Project groups and still think their music is better than 46/48 groups.

 There still are a few AKB members I like, of course the one from yesterday and naturally Yui. Did her first two intro posts three weeks ago but they've only been so-so popular. Don't think these kinds of posts will garner a massive amount of views but thought the one for her photobook would. That post is worth checking out and though there may not be as many gravure photos as '46' books to me it's just as good as those if not better, Did want to hold off a bit on this post but there wasn't much else going on for today. Do have more Yui things for 2022 today and for now on will manly just have her new things which I hope are plenty. What I'm looking forward to is the second season of the "Good Morning, Nemureru Shishi" drama which doesn't have a start date yet but will be airing in the Spring. Yui wasn't in season one but has the lead role in this season, have a strong feeling this drama will be subbed so that's a series that will be recapped.

 The only AKB drama I've never viewed is "Majumuri Gakuen" that aired in 2018. Have seen all of the other 'Majisuka' shows so think I may need to check it out, Yui had the lead role in that show too. Let's get to the newish things and first off are these photos from her IG page. She doesn't really post all that many as just the first six have been added to her page since that last post so have a few others from late last year. First two pics are from the "Odd Taxi" stage play that had a two week run at the end of January and the first week of February.

 Hmmmm, seems Yui does too much fraternizing with her '46' rivals, we'll let it pass seeing who she's with in the bottom pic.... two above that are darn good also!

 March marks Yui's fifth anniversary as a Larme model but there hasn't been any new pics at their site for a while, these are a few older ones and I think these are quite superb.

 January 23rd of last year is when Yui's first photobook was released, it sold a decent amount of copies so hope that means there will be a few more of them in the future. Did a post for the book three weeks ago and highly recommend checking it out. There was an event a few days after the book was released, these pics are from it with the top two being from the book.

 Yui is the cover girl for a magazine that came out last month but will hold off on that for now. Don't want to see any long gaps between posts so will save that for her next one which should be in March. There's two more spreads from 2022 to get to, won't be going back before that with anything. The first spread is a mini one for a special Flash issue titled 'Best of Winter 2022' that came out a year ago.

 Final thing for this post is this spread from the April 21, 2022 issue of Weekly Shonen Champion. Yui is the cover girl and that's also the January magazine I'm holding back for her next post. These days there's such a shortage of new videos for J-Pop Idols and why is that? After the pics have a short one that's promoting Yui's first and hopefully not last photobook.

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