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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Haruka Kodama: Her beyond astonishing "Stay 25" photobook.... 'Another Edition' version


 Doing this a few weeks earlier than I thought it would be done. At the end of July posted the original version of this book that was released at the end of last November. Was going to post the book a few months before that but was wavering on whether to do it as the pics from the book were too steamy!!!! Haruka is one of the all time most popular woman here and said I would post this version once the other book fell out of that section for 'Posts with the most views for the past month'. That original version has such an alluring set of pics and knowing how popular Haruka is figured that book would be in that mentioned section until October but it fell out four days ago!

 That really surprised me, to date the book has over 1,200 views which is a high amount for five weeks. But did think the total would be double that amount and wonder why it hasn't been more popular? This is a second version of the photobook and the title refers to Haruka saying goodbye to the age of 25 as she turned 26 last September 19th though this book didn't come out for another two months. This version was released on July 14th and was only a web edition but save for the cover 100% of the photos are brand new! 

 Did mention that Haruka's birthday falls on September 19th and in sixteen days she'll be hitting the age of 27. This has not been a good year for Haruka as far as being busy goes. Did a regular post for her back in December and since then she's done virtually nothing except to add videos to her YT channel. She did make a guest appearance on one drama but no new magazine spreads, photobooks, events or anything else. That's such a shame as I do like Haruka quite a bit and so don't you viewers as she is a Superstar here! On to the photobook which contains 125 pics and in my eyes is just as fabulous as the original version. Know all of Haruka's fans will savor each pic and let's all hope we start seeing her amp up her activities very soon.

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