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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Maria Makino: A semi-sizzling.... 'A little bit of this and that post'....


 Of all the women I've posted about over the years and will in the future think Maria without a doubt will be my biggest enigma! It's kind of hard to explain but she truly should be battling to be #1 on every kind of list I do but don't think that will be happening. Except for one member each from Hina and Keya she could easily be my third fave current J-Pop Idol and in a way she certainly just could be. But being in Morning Musume has some positives and negatives, the positives are for all of her gravure spreads and photobooks. But then again Maria's activities have really been inconsistent since the Spring of 2022 though do have some event photos for today. Don't want to harp on this for too long and may continue it in a future post but I would love to see her be number one on some sort of list but will it ever happen?

 Hmmm, well Maria could be #1 in one category and that's for being the most attractive woman I've ever posted about! Have said that about others but in my eyes she is so close to being Perfect and there's no superlatives left to describe her! This is Maria's seventh post for 2023 which isn't a low total but so many others have quite a few more, this is her first one in close to two months. Least she will make this year's faves list and with a strong finish could break into the top ten which is what I'm hoping for. It hasn't been announced but bet Morning Musume's 73rd single will be coming out in the next two months which would be a sendoff for their long time leader. They did have a 25th anniversary album come out last month which featured the group's singles from the past five years and also some remakes of their old classics. Doing this post has now made me put on one of their ancient greatest hits albums and those early singles are impossible to top!

 Gulp, no words are needed to describe Perfect in a dictionary, one of her photos should be good enough!!!! Though it's been a semi quiet stretch for Maria do have over eighty new pics though there aren't a lot of different activities. Could have worked harder at this but thought why go overboard as I'd like to see her hit ten posts for the year which means three more are needed in the next 2 1/2 months. First off are these IG pics from the past five weeks, all are superb yet you won't notice many from photo shoots as her appearances in magazines have really slowed down this year.

 Will have an encore viewing of this mini spread from the August 1st issue of Flash that was promoting her tenth photobook "Dear Maria" that came out on June 10th.

 Think it's been about five months since Maria had a regular solo mag spread and up until the Spring of 2022 it was rare for her to go a whole month without a spread. Her last 3-4 have been group ones such as this new set from the September 4th issue of Young Magazine. However there was just one solo pic and Maria's others were bonus ones from the magazine's site..... still looking perfect though!

 Here's something you don't see enough of which is Maria and other Morning Musume members at an event. Yesterday six members were at an event to promote a new MM campaign with Mos Burgers, something along the lines where starting on September 14th when you place an order with their app a member will take your order! There's also some special videos when you use the app and she said her favorite item there was the Schau Essen morning dog which sounds German. Plenty of terrific pics from the event and will see if there's a video for it. If I was placing an order it would be a 'Maria Burger' with everything on it..... or would I rather have my Maria with nothing on it.... 😂

 As mentioned photobook #10 "Dear Maria" was released on June 10th, the pics for it were taken in Guam and she may set a record for the H!P member to have the most books. There was a 67 minute DVD included with the book from the photo shoot, in Maria's last post had screenshots from the first twenty minutes. Have more here that go from the 21st minute to the 37th, of course she looks beyond perfect but isn't it time for her and other members to dress in lingerie? There are a couple of videos on YT from the above event and have one of them after the screenshots.

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