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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Miyu Murashima: Her scorching 'Non Title' digital photobook scans


 Also a bit of a belated Happy Birthday as Miyu hit the age of 25 on August 27th and seems she should be a bit older than that. She is been the busiest woman I've been posting about as this makes it seven posts in just a little over three months. Know that no one is complaining as Miyu was by far the most popular woman here in 2022 and she has an excellent chance of holding on to that title.

 The problem is when you do so many posts for someone in a short period of time you end up running out of new things to say about them. That's the case for Miyu as there's really nothing I can add in about her that hasn't been said before. This is her thirteenth post for 2023 and she's in a three way tie for having the second most posts this year. Actually there is one new thing which is that on her birthday she opened her own fan club, more info in her next regular post. On to the book which is a large one with 98 photos, it was released on August 9th by the Weekly Bunshun magazine. Off course the pics are superb though think some of Miyu's previous digital books were better, after a while the books start blending together and looking the same.

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