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Friday, September 1, 2023

Asuka Saito: Her historical "Museum" photobook scans....


 As mentioned many times before it's a requirement for an Idol photobook to have at least one pic of them brushing their teeth.... this book has about five of them! First post for Asuka in over a year though she's now in a tie with having the fourth most for any Nogi member. She did have quite a few solo posts from 2019 until June 2022 and had planned on doing many more but it never worked out. Least to me it seemed Asuka really slowed down on her activities after 2020, that may have been her top year as there was the "Eizouken" drama and film. After that year is when the huge decrease in Nogi posts began and that made sense as most of my larger faves had graduated. For the years 2018/19 Asuka won some awards for being the J-Pop Idol that appeared on the most magazine covers but her spreads have really dwindled over the last few years though she is still quite busy.

 Asuka did finish most of her Nogi activities by January though her graduation concerts didn't take place until May 16th and 17th, a week later this photobook was released. So though it's been a while since her last post do promise to keep tabs on Asuka and will have some posts in the future. Tomorrow she will be appearing at the Autumn 'Tokyo Girls Award' show and still does modeling but not nearly as much as she once did. Don't know how large her roles will be but Asuka will be appearing in her first non-Nogi drama that begins in October and will also be in a movie coming out next Spring. Her first photobook came out at the beginning of 2017 and was a massive seller with over 200,000 copies sold. This too was a huge seller as it finally dropped off the charts two weeks ago after spending a dozen weeks in the top ten for sales, to date close to 170,000 copies of this book have been sold. While not as steamy as other Nogi books this is much better than Asuka's first book, she was 24 at the time this book was released and hit the age of 25 on August 10th. There's a total of 128 pics in the book and as you can see the photo shoot took place in NYC.

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