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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Konoka Matsuda: In the running to be my #1 Queen of the year?!!!!


 This is one super duper post and it won't be her last one for a while either. Bring that up for so often when a '46' member releases a photobook it seems they semi disappear for many months after it comes out. Perhaps because they were in the spotlight for a while but I've always hated how after a book comes out we don't hear much about that member for a long period of time. Am not going to let that happen with Konoka and will have another post by the end of the month. This is a large post with 80+ new pics and is going to be one of the top ones of the year to date. Even though this is a huge posts am holding back at least forty pics(!) plus I'm sure there will be some other things to post about in the upcoming weeks so that should make her massive base here have a huge grin on their faces....

 As far as the title goes Konoka is the type of woman who often does well on the yearly faves list. What hurts her slightly is that it doesn't help these days being a member of a '46' group, I still do follow them but not nearly as closely as I once did and it's mainly the members who I follow. This is her fourth post of the year, her next will of course make it five so one more means she'll qualify for this year's list. Konoka will make the list and think if she can get up to 8-10 posts she'll be in the top ten and I have been saying for almost two years no current J-Pop Idol would make for a better girlfriend 😍!!!!

 Did do a post yesterday for her Hana-chan mate, though there hasn't been any Hina group posts for many months there's been more than ever for the members who I do like. Have quite a few things for today so let's get right to them, first off are these recent pics from her IG page and there's not as many as usual but then again she did just have a post three weeks ago.

 There has been a few new group cards that have come out but will save those for her next post. But do have some stupendous ones for Hina's 'Mysterious Library' game and these are my favorite set of cards of game pics.

 Seems as though the (un)evil 😈 scientist Konoka was working on a magic potion to make herself look perfect.... no need for that potion as she already is!!!! As most know Konoka's first photobook was released earlier this week and she's done so many interviews to promote it. At least seven by my count and did notice she's dressed the same for all so they had to take place on one day. Pics below are from one of the interviews that was done with the Nikkan Sports site. It was an interesting article and all have been, here's the link to it: Nikkan Sports site

 "Furimuite" is the title of Konoka's first photobook, if she was to have a second it wouldn't be until she graduated and no Hina member has had a second book. The photo shoots took place in Tokyo and Vancouver, can't recall an Idol going to Canada before for a book. The top two pics of the post are from the actual book, below are some outtake/promo ones for it that hadn't been posted before and what an underrated beauty Konoka is though not to me these last few years. All of these pics are superb and especially the bottom pair....

 Will have more pics from the book in her next post. Konoka has been the cover girl for Weekly Shonen(Champion) too many times to count, she has that honor once again for their June 5th issue which has some outtake pics from the book.

 On May 28th there was an event for the photobook at the Kodansha store in Shibuya, they're the ones that published the book. It's true many of the above pic are so dazzling but when I think of Konoka this is how I usually imagine her dressed which to me gets a grade of A+++!!!! That evening Konoka hosted 'Showroom' to plug the book, that video is after the pics. Have never understood exactly why there's never any videos for when members attend events, that's for all three '46' groups.

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