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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Yumiko Shaku: Her 'Happy 46th(!) Birthday' post part one, her sweltering "Sirene" photobook scans!!!!


 As the title says this is part one, there is another post after this which I haven't started on yet. But it should be one super duper post and will be the first without a Yumiko photobook. She did appear in many magazines up until a decade ago and also has a brand new spread so that post will have at least seven mag spreads and a few other goodies. At 46 in age Yumiko is by far the oldest woman I post about but even at that age she still looks so fabulous to me. As mentioned a few times she was my first fave Japanese actress/model and glad I decided to start posting about her. These posts are for when Yumiko was 20-37 in age, if you think about it the women who I currently post about that are 25-30 in age will also be hitting 46 some day and how many will look as alluring as Yumiko still does?!

 May end up doing five more posts for Yumiko's older photobooks and pictorials. Seems the people that visit here also enjoy looking at these older classic books as those first three posts for her have over a thousand views! Have seen many actresses do photobooks when they were 30-35 in age and they all looked so darn good. But have never seen an actress 40+ in age have a book but would love to see Yumiko be the first but doubt if she would as she's now married with a boy. In an odd twist he's also celebrating a birthday today and how often does that happen? "Sirene" is Yumiko's first photobook which came out in 1999.... 25 years ago and to me it just may be her top book! My only complaint is that there's only 65 photos but all get a grade of an A++++ from me. Books were a bit smaller in ancient times and check out the next post for more sweltering Yumiko photos.... EDIT: Did some checking and was surprised there's a video from the photo shoot. It's after the pics and while the quality isn't pristine it's worth checking out for she doesn't have many gravure videos.

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