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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Ayaka Takamoto: Her eagerly awaited fifth post(!!!!) but sadly will it be her final one?


 Well, perhaps there will be a post for her photobook but this is probably it for regular posts unless something unusual takes place. Group posts is where I like to include info about graduates or current members who aren't in the limelight too often. But there hasn't been a group post for Hina or Keya for four months with a main reason being there's been such a shortage of things to posts about. Such as magazine spreads, event pics, group cards, game pics for 'Uni's on Air', etc. All those combined plus other things made for terrific group posts but those things have slowed down so much but if posts become tougher to do again will revive those group posts. 

 Those top four pics are from Ayaka's first and only photobook, will end the post off with a few more of them. July 4th will be her Independence Day as that's when her Hina graduation concert will be taking place, that'll be the third in a little over six months. That will leave just four first generation members and will say again the 4G members got overexposed too quickly, see what's happened? 

 Not sure what Ayaka will be doing in the future but do have the links to a pair of new interviews. The entertainment field is so over saturated with ex-Idols, even popular ones seem to have a difficult time trying to stay in the limelight. Do have a lot of new photos for today though as mentioned in the title this could be it for her solo posts, first off are these newish IG pics.

 There weren't many of those pics and don't know why but don't think she's ever posted many at her IG page or the group blog. Ayaka has been somewhat busy as a model and that could be one thing she will continue to do, she is a model for the andGirl magazine and these are brand new from their site.

 Ayaka's first photobook came out yesterday and she has been doing many interviews to promote it which is common. Will have two of those for today with the first being from the Crank site where she mainly talked about the book though of course a little bit about Hina: Crank interview

 Here's another interview that was with the Natalie site, both were interesting but wish she said more about her future but seems that seldom happens with Idol interviews: Natalie site

 To date there hasn't been any magazine spreads to promote the book. So let's go back five months to January and this spread from Bubka which could end up being Ayaka's final one.

 Think the title of her first photobook translates over to "In My Memory" and the book was released yesterday. The photo shoots took place in Tahiti and Tokyo and Ayaka did have an event for it on the same day the boom came out, wish there was a video of it as it appears she was having such a fun time.

 Sure this book isn't expected to be a huge seller and there's nothing wrong with that as to me it's a win-win situation for the member. They get some extra $$ before they graduate, get a free trip to a different country and have some terrific photos to show their children in the future! Will end off with some promo pics for the book but also have some that are from the actual book. Ayaka is a thin woman but since day one have said she has the most attractive face of any 1G member, personally think she looks super duper! To plug the photobook Ayaka did host 'Showroom' last night, the video is after the pics and I've been complaining for years the audio for the show has never been loud enough.


  1. Would you consider Ayaka in the same level of hotness as Konoka and Miku and the likes?

  2. Personally would say no but she still is an attractive woman, none may beat Kyoko....