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Friday, June 7, 2024

Miku Tanaka: A (too) little bit of this and that....


 Miku's graduation concert from HKT took place exactly three months ago but she officially left at the end of December. That's just a little over five months ago but to me it seems as if she's been gone so much longer than that. When an Idol leaves their group it seems 80% of the time the posts start becoming far and few between for them. That hasn't been the case for Miku who has been as busy as ever and has done a few things she wasn't allowed to do while with HLT such as having a digital book, how I hope more of those are on the way!

 Though I like Miku immensely and have for a while never considered her to be a top five woman and there's really nothing wrong with that. Last year she finished sixth on the faves list, that's impressive to me and the year before was ninth. Don't know what's happened to them but last year's third and fourth gals have disappeared and neither may make the list this year which would be so shocking. Number five has been way too quiet also but has done enough to make the list again. So because of those three dropping it'd mean Miku would be a top five woman this year and that really would be nice to see. Granted she is a quite breathtaking but also seems to have a good head on her shoulders, have read a few interviews this year and is much more intelligent than you would think. Don't mean that in a bad way but had never really thought about Miku being interesting and intelligent until reading those interviews..... hope that didn't sound negative as it wasn't supposed to be in the least.

 Hmmmm, guess Miku has been known to be a closet scholar but think most of us were noticing her other assets. Not a huge amount of new things for today but they do add up to be fifty new pics and have a feeling she may be having another two or three posts by the end of July. Will begin off with some recent IG pics, not many as her last post was done less than a month ago. C-ute fans may recognize who is in the top photo and isn't it hard to believe they disbanded exactly seven years ago?!?!?!?!

 Why Miku should have at least two upcoming posts is because she has been really busy lately with photo shoots. Know that she has at least four new mag spreads coming out soon and think she will be the cover girl for all of them. She did make a comment last week saying she wants to have the most mag coves this year and in 2022 did win an award for that. Below are five promo pics each for the next issues of Bomb and Bubka so will have at least one in her next post and how about that bottom pic!

 In Miku's last post had some pics from an event she attended for her 2024-25 calendar. In case you missed that post here's an encore viewing of some of those calendar pics.

 Think this spread will be the final one from 2023 that I had missed. Miku was both the front and back cover girl for the July issue of UTB, at 22 pages what a huge spread it was and of course also beyond amazing!

 Miku did have the lead role in a web drama that aired earlier this year and did make a guest spot on another show in March but haven't heard of any upcoming roles. She may not have a lot of time due to all of these magazine spreads(!) and will end off with a brand new one that's from the June 17th issue of Big Comic Spirits, of course she's the cover girl. There's no video for this spread but Miku did say there would be one so will have that in her next post. She's also going to be the cover girl for the next issue of Manga Action, after the pics is a way too short promo video for it.

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