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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Nagi Nemoto: Her broiling new 'SPA!' digital book plus much more!


 It was unintentional but this is back to back posts for very short women, the one in the post below this is just 150.5 cn in height while Nagi is just 150 cm. Haven't done any kind of lists since December but will have one very soon for the most popular posts for the first half of the year. That kind got me thinking of shorter women and perhaps some day should do a list of who my top faves are that are shorter than 154 in height. Trying not to single them out as there's nothing wrong with being on the shorter side, if I was to have a list for that would also do one for the taller women I post often about, say 165+ cm?

 Went such a long stretch with no posts for Nagi, in 2022/23 she had left her two J-Pop groups and wasn't doing much else which was mainly because of some health problems. But she seems to be 100% recovered and the posts are coming more frequent, there was one near the end of last year and this is her third so far for 2024. These days Nagi does a little bit of many things, she's a VTuber, has a radio show, designs costumes for a J-Pop group, had a five song EP last Summer plus has had some sweltering gravure mag spreads and pictorials over the last eight months. Nagi is popular here though not a superstar, if I was to have ten posts the one done for her would get the fifth highest amount of views.

 This was a 'spur of the moment post' and hadn't dine one of them for a while though would have done this post within the week. Let's begin off with some photos from Nagi's IG page that she's posted over the last five weeks, top two are from a magazine photo shoot. The bottom ones feature two of her ex-mates from the Niji no Conquistador group as she did leave on friendly terms and perhaps if not for those health issues she'd still be with them.

 As you can see in many of the above pics she also loves to cosplay. The below batch of pics is from a brand new interview with the Live Door site which is a long one and I found to be quite interesting. Nagi talked about her entire career up until now and there's also many older pics in the interview, here's the link to it: Live Door site

 Perhaps it's because of her height but Nagi will always look young for her age, exactly three months ago she celebrated her 25th birthday. Have one recent Nagi mag spread for today that's from the April 16th issue of SPA! that was promoting her new book though it didn't come out for seven weeks.

 On to Nagi's broiling book and it is a terrific set of pics though wish it was a bit larger, it was released by the SPA! magazine earlier this week. There's no video for this book but there was one for another of Nagi's books that came out last year for the WPB magazine. That's after these sweltering pics and she has so few gravure ones on YT, none at her channel.

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