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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Mio Imada: Few recent tidbits....

 It's been well over four months since the last Mio post and I'll take the blame for that. Kind of wondering if she hasn't 'retired' from doing gravure spreads which is one reason I had overlooked most news for her, be such a shame if she has. Mio literary 'burst' upon the scene towards the end of 2017 and last year few topped her ultra alluring pics, she even released a photobook.
 But there's been just one of those gravure types of sets this year and the pics for it were probably taken at the end of 2018. It's really not a bad thing though as it means Mio is growing up and perhaps realizes she doesn't need to do those skimpy spreads these days as her acting career is doing much better. But know many fans wish we could see many more pics like the above ones in the future and can't say I blame you with that wish.

 Mio has actually been incredibly busy so far this year so what that means is there will be at least one more post this week for her activities, with any luck there will be two of them. Currently watching her drama that aired from January to March for a total of ten episodes, '3-Nen A Gumi'. In the series Mio plays the character of Suwa, cast is so huge it's hard for everyone to get a lot of screen time but she was the main focus of episode five.

 Have quite a few new pics but will be holding on to many for her upcoming posts, there still will be over fifty of them for today. Mio is an exclusive model for many mags, pics like that are what will be coming up. one of the mags is ar and these are new ones from their site.

 Mio was the cover girl for their June issue, that spread will be in her next post. Have a pair of other spreads and one of them is quite old as I missed having it in her last post. It's really an ultra superb set of pics which are from the January 25th edition of Friday.

 Did mention above how Mio has kind of stopped doing gravure spreads or at least for now she has but she still looks fabulous in every pic. She may not look it but birthday #22 took place on March 5th, the other spread is from the April 19th issue of Friday. Of all things the pics were promoting a book from a popular older author named Natsuhiko Kyoguko. The book is titled "The Hundred Demonic Relics" which is a trilogy of stories and she was the cover girl(?) for the book.

 Mio has appeared at many events the past few months, have two for today and like other things I've mentioned will have some in her upcoming posts. On May 16th she was at an event for Pay Line where she was announced as an ambassador for the company. They're an online company where you can pay your bills and have a special campaign for new enrollees.

 Last up is from an event held on April 24th for Asahi Dry Cool. It was an inauguration event for the drink and Mio really looked like she was enjoying herself, wonder if she likes the spirits in real life? After the pics have a video of the occasion.

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