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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Haru Aoi: Her first intro post, mini 'Young Magazine' digital photobook scans and one spread....


 At one time there used to be at least one newbie introduced a month but how I've slowed down on those. Don't even think ten gals were introduced last year and this is only the third new woman for 2021. One reason is that the age requirement is now 22 so even if there's someone 21 have to wait it out until her next birthday. Another reason for less intros is that I do have enough gals to post about but every now and again an intriguing one pops up. Kind of pressed for time so can't go into all of her details yet but Haru des have an interesting background. First noticed her back in 2018 as she had a few dazzling spreads and then disappeared so never thought about her that much after.

 But Haru did make a return last November but the thing is she changed her name. Up until her return she had gone by the name of Harukaze(all one name) but don't think either is her real name. She does seem like a quiet and private woman but is one who will make your eyes spin around a few times! When Haru debuted three years ago she was a college student in her hometown of Osaka, bet she pulled that disappearing act to finish her schooling. As I've said so often it's amazing how many gravure models went to college and if you're popular it must be a good paying gig.

 At first didn't pick up this was the gal who had caught my attention back in 2018 as her looks changed and for the better. Was going to introduce Haru back in March as there were four mag spreads but once again she went AWOL but has just returned and have a feeling she's going to be busy in the immediate future. So do have three older spreads to get to plus Haru has a new one that came out this week so will try to have two more posts for her soon. Besides the mini photobook have a spread that promoted it from the January 22nd issue of Young Magazine.

 Haru is plenty old enough to be introduced as she turned 23 back on March 26th. Will have more bio info as time goes on but as I mentioned she is kind of a private woman so then you wonder why a gravure model? She also has a new digital book that came out last month, more info in Haru's next post. This Young Magazine digital photobook came out on January 4th, most are never huge pictorials and this set contains 35 pics but so many are simply breathtaking....


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