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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Nanase Nishino: A little bit of this and that....


 Seems like it's been such a slow year for Nanase happenings but this is her seventh post for 2021 or one a month. Think there could be many more posts on the horizon as she has two films coming out next month plus one in December, she's also in a current drama. Have said often just because we don't hear from someone for a while it doesn't mean they're not busy, no doubt Nanase has been doing a lot of filming plus has a few mag spreads about to come out.

 For the first time am making past winners of the yearly fave's list eligible and guess that'll be a permanent thing. Nanase was #1 in 2018 and would have made the last two yearly lists also, at this point really have no clue where she would finish on this year's list. Just like last year the current top ten could the best to date so many faves who may finish 11th or lower would have made the top ten in most prior years and the battle for the top spot is the best it's been in a while.

 Close to seventy new pics for today and am holding back one mag spread as there may be a pair of posts in August. Nanase's current drama is titled 'Hakozume' and did recap the first episode, will be doing two in a row for now on so next week will have the second and third shows. Not her largest role but that's understandable as there are two very popular actresses in the lead roles, she plays the part of a detective named Miwa and a few pics from the first episode.

 Pics here are from a July 7th interview for the drama with the With Online site, the series began the same day and here's the link to the interview: With site

 For the third time Nanase joined her old Nogi rival(?) in a CM for Asahi's 'Super Dry' beer, you can view the new CM here: Asahi CM

 Nanase is still the co-host of two variety shows. One is called 'Gout Temps' and she's been a co-host for over three years now, they do a bit of modeling when they're first introduced on the show.

 One spread for today which is from the August issue of Non-no, am holding on to Nanase's September spread which will be in her next post.

 Some recent pics from the Non-no site, few are in the above set but there are 'clean versions'.

 Haven't seen Nanase at an event for about five months but she did appear at a pair of them in July. As mentioned she has two films coming out next month, one is titled "Hato no Gekitaiho" that will be released on August 27th, on July 12th the first event for the film was held.

 Nanase will have a much larger role in the "Kouro no Chi Level 2" film that's coming out on August 20th, sure there will be another event or two for both movies. This film had it's first event yesterday, these pics are from it and Nanase has the lead female role in the movie. There's a few videos of the event though none are overly interesting so after the pics have a new CM for AU.

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