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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Rika Watanabe: Her legendary .... "Jozetsu na manazashi" photobook scans....


 Being a holiday week this will be the final post for a few days but what a set of pics to savor! If there's time will do a post after this one and publish it Thursday night, if not will have a huge amount of them beginning on Friday. As mentioned a few days ago what a difference finally having a keyboard that works has made. Installed my new one five days ago and have had over twenty posts since then, so while there won't be any for the next few days there's plenty of them to check out. After this post are the first two positions for the yearly fave's list, the next one will be on Saturday.

 Rika didn't make the list as she didn't qualify as six posts are needed, think this makes five for the year. But back in 2017 she did finish in the eleventh position on the list as she was my first huge fave from Keya, these days would place her about fourth on my fave member's list. As many fans may know Rika announced her graduation last month but no date has been set yet, would think it'll take place in January. For once would like to see management give a proper sendoff say with a concert or photobook, Rika deserves something like that. Nogi does that with their members and in this past year when a member graduates they also get a farewell photobook. Least she's going out in style here, this is her third post in 2 1/2 months and will have a pair before her departure.

 I really like that bottom pic which may be my fave from the book, shame there were no others dressed in that swimsuit. This is Rika's first and only photobook which was released on December 5, 2017 and was Keya's first one. A week later another member's PB came out but don't think it affected sales too much. This book stayed in the top ten for six weeks and sold about 65,000 copies, most of Keya's photobooks have sold well so why hasn't any member had a second one? I'd love to see Rika get a proper sendoff with another PB but with Keya's inept management not holding my breath. On to the stupendous pics which total 107, the photo shoot took place in and around Athens, Keya books may not be as revealing as the ones from Nogi members but all in all to me they're actually much better.

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