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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Risa Watanabe: Her majestic 2020/21 'Uni's on Air' promo game pics, seventy in all!


 That's some unbeatable advice from this sage woman above! Did briefly mention in the post below this one how I was a tad burnt out so there may not be as many posts the next two weeks.... then again, every time I say that there ends up being more than ever! For some reason seems I fall into a funk this time of the year which isn't too bad of a thing as November tends to be a slower month for happenings. Plus with the fave's list beginning in three weeks try not do posts for those that will be making the list and hold on to new pics for their position post. So most of those posts will be taking place in December along with many 'end of the year stat's lists' such as what the most popular posts were, whose posts had the highest averages, etc. so those do take a bit time to prepare.

 Had wanted to have a regular Risa post for today but there's been so few activities as of late. So this will probably be her final post until her position on the fave's list comes up and was doing some figuring of it out today, hopefully will have a post tomorrow with more details. As of today 26 have qualified for the list with the only criteria is that a person needs six solo posts such as this one. There's a chance one or two may become eligible but they better have that sixth post in less than three weeks.

 In the past complained so often that there weren't enough posts for Risa which is wrong but there's no woman I'd rather do posts for. This is her 50th solo post in about four years and not many can top that number as it averages out to a post a month. Have a very strong feeling Risa will never be #1 on the yearly faves list but in all honesty she's been my #1 for over two years now. Being with Keya hasn't helped her out that much the past two years but then again if she wasn't in the group would we have ever known of her? Not sure where Risa will end up on the list, probably somewhere from fourth to sixth and it all depends on how busy she is the next month but that's also the case for the others she's battling with, her top position was second back in 2019.

 There's two links above, top is for the 'Uni's on Air' site and the other is a short CM for the game's second anniversary which took place in October. I'm planning on having ten posts for these promo cards for the game which also features Hina. For them will be doing two solo posts like this one for members and then three others with some of my faves from the group. Also will be having five of these posts for Keya(Sakura), another slowish year from them but they have so many of these pics. Like Hina will have three posts featuring a few members and one more solo post. What we need is another 'pairs post' with Risa and on of her best mates but it may be a one and done deal. That post was with Yui who is currently on hiatus and how I so hope it's not permanent. Tomorrow will be doing a post like this one for her and they could be my all time Idol pairing.

 That bottom pic is one of the first ever for the game which was launched on September 27, 2019. Though these are promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' game in it the members are anime figures with different names. A player tries to accumulate points which allows you to improve your character, 'buy' certain objects plus there's so many other things to the game, way too many to describe here. There's 'stories' to this game where a player needs to help the characters solve a mystery or to get that one thing which will make their life happier.

 Can't say I'm really up on the game as I'm a horrible gamer plus don't have a smartphone. But most players say it's easy enough to understand and it's gotten so much easier to play, after writing that and visiting the site now I'm itching to play. So these promo pics for the game come out about ten times a year in batches of four but as mentioned the characters in the game are anime ones. To me these pics rate an A++++ and have been saying that for over a year now, there could be a photobook for each member as the pics are so superb. As the title says have two years worth of Uni's pics, most have been in prior Risa posts but many are brand new for here. This first batch features thirty pics from 2020, they go backwards from December until January.

 This second and final batch contains 37 pics which also go backwards but starting from October. Figured I would save her pics for the last two months for Risa's position post on the fave's list so this may be her final post for five weeks unless something extraordinary happens, she'll lead all Idols with twelve solo posts for the year. It's not a new video but a short one that came out exactly two years ago and follows the pics, it's for my top Idol pairing who I mentioned above.

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