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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Haruka Kodama: Another batch of scorching pics to warm you up on a blustery day....


 Well, it is overly blustering where I am. Don't know if this will be a large post but really wanted to have this as it'll be the first time ever there's been two HKT posts in a day. AKB has had too many members to count over the years, that means those gals have had so many magazine spreads, photobooks, modeling pics, event appearances, etc. But I've always liked the members from HKT, NMB and SKE much more and seems you viewers are in agreement. Especially when it comes to HKT, have only done a good amount of posts for five members but all of them are extremely popular here and wish there could be so many more posts for them.

 And out of those five members it's Haruka who is by far the most liked though she did graduate over three years ago. The problem has been there's never been enough posts for her, think this is her fourth of the year. But they've all drawn such a high amount of views, if Haruka could just have a few more posts she just may be close to being the most popular woman here! This is her second post within a month and if her past history continues we may not have another post for a few months.


 Whew, should be a crime that someone can have such sweltering pics! When you compare those to photos from four or so years ago hasn't Haruka really grown in a certain area, wonder if she had any help with that? "Stay 25" is the title of Haruka's second photobook which was released on November 25th, her first came out in 2016. Will have some pics from the book to end the post off, this batch of photos is from a Dwango interview to promote it and here's the link to it: Dwango site

 In Haruka's last post did have a large magazine spread for the book. Have another one for today that's from the November 12th issue of Weekly Gendai and wish it was so much larger.

 As I was moaning about don't expect another post for Haruka this month so here's a few older Christmas pics to get you into the holiday mood.... she's had so few of them.

 Not too many pics but on November 19th Haruka was at the Autumn/Winter 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show held in Kitakyushu, she took her stroll on the Misch Masch stage.

 To promote the new photobook Haruka held an event on November 26th, there were fans allowed at the event and hopefully that'll be happening more often in the future.

 The book's title "Stay 25" is referring to the fact Haruka said goodbye to that age as on September 26th she turned 26. In its first week out it was the fourth best selling PB with total sales a little over 4,400 though with these breathtaking pics it deserved to sell soo much more! So will end off with this batch that features outtake pics from the book and video, top photo is the cover.... my top pics are the fifth and sixth ones. After the pics is a video from the book's photo shoot, my fave Haruka video was the one for her 2021/22 calendar.

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