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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Hina Kawata: Her hypnotizing tenth post....


 Those two above pics you've seen before but if you're like me they're impossible to ever get tired of! They're so overly alluring and usually ones like that would be in my top five for fave photos of a year, both are from her March 2022 photobook. However 2022 was such a fabulous year for books, perhaps the best one ever so somehow those above pics were beaten out which may seem hard to believe! That Hina book was such a solid seller selling over 110,000 copies, three other members have had books that have sold over 100,000 copies. So why haven't any of the four had a second book, one member does have a book coming out next month which I'm really looking forward to but how I(and you) would love to see Hina have a second book.

 The posts for Hina(the group) and Keya have really decreased this year, not sure how many more I will be doing for Keya in the future. But did just do a pair of Hina solo posts and think there may be two others before the month ends, maybe even three. In May can see doing a few more solo posts, most viewers aren't huge fans of group posts but the solo ones are always popular so will be working on having as many as possible.

 Hina will be hitting the age of 23 in July, slowly most of the second generation members are approaching the age of 25 but haven't heard any graduation rumors yet. Not a massive post though there are quite a few new pics, hard to believe this is only her tenth solo post and will begin off with many recent photos from her IG page. Hmmmm, actually it's not all that many as Hina seems to post fewer solo pics than any other member.

 Few newish Hina group cards from January and early February, there hasn't been any ones released since them but hopefully for their next single which comes out in four weeks.

 As far as height goes the group goes in two extremes, many tall gals but also many shorter ones as they're aren't too many in the 159-163 cm range. Hina is 155 cm in height and barely beats out her dearly departed mate by one cm. That's Kyoko and do have some pics of the duo together, will try to have another post for her soon but don't think her graduation concert was streamed as I haven't found a copy of it anywhere but will at least have a post for her final 'Aimashou' episode. EDIT: Two hours after writing this up did find the concert so know what I'll be viewing next!

 Those bottom two above are quite ancient! One new Hina solo magazine spread for today that's from the April 19th issue of Young Gangan and Hina was the cover girl. The last few months the fourth generation gals have been getting too large of a push which means we've been seeing fewer of these spreads for the older members.

 Will end off with some sparkling promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air game as none had been posted yet. There's four for each month which go from March back until December. The group does have their own YT channel for member videos but it's been four months since Hina has uploaded one. So after the pics is a video from the February 3rd 'Showroom' where Hina was promoting the new group photobook "H46 Mode" with a close mate and the audio for these shows is always a bit too low.

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