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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Kasumi Mori: Her fifth savory and final intro post....


 Whew, can't think of anything witty to say about that first pic and perhaps that's for the best, whew again! The title may say final intro post but of course there's no way this will be her final post but don't think I need to title them that way anymore. April is finally about to end and am I glad as this wasn't the best of months as far as the quantity of posts go though to me the quality of them was better than ever! Did go back five years and looked at how many posts had been done for each month. The lowest average of all twelve months belongs to April so this being a slow period is nothing new and wish I knew why so little happens to take place this month? The busiest month for posts is December which is actually a slowish month but that's when I do the countdown for the yearly faves list plus do have some other kinds of lists which is why month is usually #1 for a year.

 Kasumi's first four posts all made that section for 'Top Ten Most Viewed Posts for the Past Month'. Would think this one would also make that list and hope to have her sixth post in about two weeks. That will wrap up all of her 2023 magazine spreads and there has been a slight shortage of those lately which hopefully means a rash of them will be coming out soon. Kasumi will easily be my #1 newbie of the year and would think she'd make the top five on the fave's list, know she's made it for so many of you viewers!

 Right above is a poster for the "Otona no Jugyo" drama that begins on May 6th. Kasumi will have the lead role playing a teacher, it does look interesting so if it's subbed will recap the series and where does she find the time to do everything? Below are some recent pics from Kasumi's IG page, not a huge amount but then again her previous post was just done about three weeks ago and I really like the top one.

 Kasumi does attend quite a few events, there should be one for her upcoming drama. Plus on May 3rd she'll be at the Spring 'Girls Award' show so am thinking her next post will be about a week after that. On April 25th she was the main host at the '2024 Shodra Awards' show which is a competition for short dramas and the writers/creators have to be new talents. The bottom two pics feature a massive fave of mine, won't be easy but will be working on a post for her(done yesterday!)

 Have said in Kasumi's previous posts that she does a lot of modeling but seldom stays with one site or magazine for too long. One exception to that could be Tocco Closet, had new modeling pics in her last post and have even more for their Spring Collection.

 This may be the smallest Kasumi post to date, could have made it larger but would rather have three medium sized posts than two huge ones. Only have three Kasumi mag spreads from 2023 left so will have a pair for today, also have one mini newish one. First up is this set from the August 31st issue of Young Jump and have noticed her spreads tend to be larger than most other women.

 Kasumi was the cover girl for both of these spreads, this final one is from the August 14th issue Big Comic Spirits. Checked her two previous posts and neither was in them, have been trying to keep these in date order and was successful for a change. Kasumi has had many spreads to date but very few videos from those photo shoots, however there is one for this set which is after the pics.

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