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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Miyu Murashima: A (too) little bit of this and that....


 Not a large post but hadn't done one for Miyu in nine weeks plus didn't want to have yet another day without any posts. Have talked a bit about there's been this 'new wave' of gravure models and they've been taking away some spreads from my fave models which is why there haven't been nearly as many of these posts the last few months. A lot of these new women do look good but way too many are younger, say 19-21 in age, and seeing as how I'm trying to get away from posting about such young gals for now just need to grin and bear it until things hopefully become normal again.

 There really hasn't been all that much going on with Miyu as of late, have a stupendous new magazine spread for today but it's her first one in ten weeks. She will be in a stage play opening up in June and perhaps there's been a lot of rehearsing for it. First off are these recent pics from her IG page, four of the photos are from her first ever fan club event. Have noticed that Miyu rarely posts many pics from her photo shoots and there haven't been many of those lately.

 Seeing as how this is a semi-tiny post will have an encore viewing of this spread that was in Miyu's last post and was from the February 22nd issue of Young Jump.

 Here's a partial new Miyu spread, partial as it hadn't been posted before and is from volume 67 of GTV that came out on November 28th.

 We're already at the end but for the finale have this terrific new spread from the May 6th issue of Big Comic Spirits and for the second time this year Miyu is their cover girl. Miyu has been one of the most busy gravure models over the past 2 1/2 years so she does deserve to take it easy now and again. Sure this mini break won't be going on for too much longer and she still is one of the most popular women here, after the pics is a highly recommended video of the photo shoot.

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