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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Kanami Takasaki: Another pair of scorching WPB digital books...


 This will be a very simple post though it does have 77 blazing photos! Knew I wouldn't have time today to write up any posts so did this one three days ago, with any luck another was done after this but don't bet the mortgage on it.(there was!) So am almost caught up with all of Kanami's books since 2020, one was a regular photobook and the others have been digital ones. After this think there may be two more to post but will wait a while on those as there's still a good amount of mag spreads to get to plus a few other odds and end over the past 3-4 years.

 Kanami did release her second regular photobook in January, there were a few mag spreads the following month to promote it but not much has been going on since then. Think that will change soon as her first set of trading cards will be coming out in June so there should be some mag spreads for them plus hopefully an event. For today have two more WPB books from 2021, this first set was released on April 5th. It contains forty pics, the four above plus the 36 below and after this batch will have that second book.

 This second Kanami book is a slightly smaller one as it has 37 photos but to me they're a bit better than the above set and this came out on May 3, 2021. Not much more to say about Kanami as this makes seven(?) posts in less than two months, will have at least one more before April ends. 

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