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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Konoka Matsuda: Her soon to be legendary eleventh post!


 Not that there would have been anything new but had wanted to wait until tomorrow before doing this post. But that may have meant two days in a row without a regular post so decided to write this up now and hopefully can find something for tomorrow. Hate to say it but posts with gravure pics tend to be much more popular than the posts without them. But there has been exception to that rule and those have been the posts for Konoka as she does have a lot of fans here and her posts have always had a high amount of views. But now can't say none of her posts have had zero gravure pics as we did lead off with one and that could be end up being one of my top photos of the year!

 I've always been glad Konoka's posts have been popular and have been saying for a while among all current J-Pop Idols she would make for the best girlfriend!!!! This is already her third post for 2024 so would love to see her qualify for the yearly faves list, there's a good chance of that as there may be two posts next month. This is not a Happy Birthday post and will try to make her next one in that vein. In exactly seven days Konoka will be hitting the age of 25 and she's the oldest of the second generation members. As most know she does have her first photobook coming out soon, the first pic of the post is from that and will have more photos from it at the bottom of the post.

 That pic right above is from volume four of a off and on magazine series called Gravure Champion. The issue is coming out on April 30th, Konoka and another member will be featured in this special issue so hope to have that in a May post. Hina's eleventh single will be coming out on May 8th, to date there's been no cards for it and actually there's been zero of those for over two months. So let's go back in time, exactly a year to be accurate and these cards for the group's ninth single "Once Choice".

 Konoka posts many pics at her IG page, these are from the past month and she also posts them at the group blog. The bottom ones are from 'The Time' show where she has a weekly segment, the top two are sadly the final ones we may ever see of the duo.

 The first generation members from Hina are rapidly departing, there was a graduation in December, two weeks ago and another will be coming up in July. So far that 'disease' hasn't hit the 2G members yet and being the oldest hope that doesn't mean Konoka will be the first to depart though one gal did close to two years ago. The top four pics below are the April promo ones for the 'Uni's on Air' web game, there were none for March so also added in the ones for Valentine's Day.

 Sigh, who wouldn't want to come home to see Konoka patiently waiting for you!!!! Have one terrific new magazine spread for today which is from the May 2nd issue of Weekly Shonen Champion, Konoka is their cover girl and hope there's some upcoming spreads to promote her book.

 Will end off with many promo pics for her first photobook that will be released on May 28th, sure many more of these will be coming out. There's only a few gravure pics to date and of course she looks so ultra alluring in them but I would have been happy if Konoka never had any photos in that vein as her conservative look has always appealed to me. Most of the photo shoots took place in Vancouver, can anyone think of another book which was set in Canada? After the pics is a video from April 2nd when Konoka hosted 'Showroom' to plug the book. Sure she'll be hosting it again and for some reason the audio of this show is never high enough, that's always been the case.

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