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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Mariya Nagao: A sparkling array of magazine spreads though....


 .... very little else. But have been holding on to some mag spreads for a while and wanted to get to them before some became too ancient. At one time Mariya used to be one of the most popular women here but wonder if that's still the case? Last year had five posts for her but this is her first since September, can't say Mariya has been ultra quiet though she hasn't been as busy as she once was. A little over three weeks ago she hit the age of thirty and how the years have zoomed by for it's now been eight years since her AKB graduation!

 Have eight Mariya mag spreads that haven't been posted though only two are somewhat big. What I would like to do is just have five for today and save a trio for a future post as I think she's about to enter a busier period. In that last Mariya post did have some new lingerie pics from the Reinest site, have a few more for today but don't think she's with them any longer.

 Mariya posts so few pics at her IG page, just seven(!) since the beginning of the year so will hold on to those for now. That means we're on to the mag spreads and will begin off with this set from the August 2023 edition if Bessatsu Young Champion, don't know why it wasn't in her last post.

Next set is from the November 3rd issue of Friday. It features outtake pics from Mariya's fifth photobook that was released on November 14th.

 Have two more Friday issues for Mariya and are they just way too small. The first set of four pics is from their February 23rd issue, the next five are from March 5th.

Seeing as how the above two were a bit smallish will have six Mariya spreads and save two for her next post. This set here is actually a bit of an older one but noticed it hadn't been posted, it's from volume 59 of GTV from September 2022.

 Will end off with the largest spread that's from volume 14 of SPA Girl! that came out last November 28th, Mariya is an avid golfer. Will skip having any videos as there were zero(!) from any of these photo shoots plus Mariya hasn't had a new one at her Vlog for ages.

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  1. I can name many hotter and better gravure models than Mariya but she's still gonna be my favorite.