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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Kasumi Mori: Her intergalactic acclaimed fourth intro post!!!!


 The massive favorites for you viewers and myself often don't match but that's definitely not the case with Kasumi! She has become almost overnight one of the most popular woman here and why not as she is so attractive plus extremely talented. Busy too as she hosts a radio show, this May will be in her first time drama, appears in many magazines and at events along with modeling for several sites, where does she find the time???? This is her fourth post in five weeks and that pace should keep up for a while, perhaps all year! It is early in 2024 but I think Kasumi truly does have a chance to be my #1 fave of the year and would be the second announcer to take the title, she doesn't do FT announcing these days but does a lot of free lance work.

 Let's get to things as there is a lot to post about, Kasumi's posts will always be so interesting for she does such a variety of activities. Not many recent photos from her IG page so let's go back to last year for some pics that were from July and August, may have one more batch from 2023 in a future post.

 As mentioned Kasumi does a lot of regular modeling though it doesn't appear as though she sticks with one site or magazine for a long time. That may be changing with the Sweet magazine/site as she now has an irregular beauty feature at their site that began a month ago. Below are some pics from the articles and here's the link to one of them: Sweet magazine site

 Have even kore Kasumi modeling pics from Tocco Closet, these are from their Spring collection and think many more pics will be coming out soon.

 Did say there was a little bit of many activities and one thing Kasumi does quite often is attend events. Her latest one took place on March 19th o promote a new CM for Parm ice cream, also a new line of their chocolate ice cream bars. Kasumi said how much she enjoys their ice cream and even has her freezer stocked with it but guess everyone has to say things like that at events. The pics below are from it and also a short video from the event.


 Still have six 2023 magazine spreads of Kasumi to post, have been working backwards with those going from newest to oldest in these posts. First up is this mini set from the December issue of Steady, had her January spread for them in her last post.

 Second up is this set from the December 8th edition of Friday, she never appeared in a magazine until July because of her announcing work and that spread may be in her next post.

 As usual saved the best for last which is this spread from the August 24th issue of Anan. In Kasumi's last post had a December spread from this magazine and it just may have been the number one spread of the year! Did say Kasumi attended that ice cream event to promote a new CM though it's not on YT yet so will skip having a second video, she hasn't had any from her photo shoots.

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