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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Mizuki Yamashita: The first of three(?) graduation posts....


 Been a long, long time since her last post and really no reason save for I'm not much of a Nogi fan these days and the last year have only done posts for two current members. Mizuki will be graduating on May 12th and her posts have always been popular here so thought it was time to revive her and as the title says this should be the first of three posts though there could also be four of them.

 So was thinking that post #2 will take place in about ten days, that will have Mizuki's mini "Triangle" photobook that came out last year. That fine set contains 46 pics so will have some other happenings in that post, her grad concerts will be on May 11th and 12th at the Tokyo Dome so will have another post soon after that. And if there's a huge amount of things may even have a fourth post and wouldn't mind if that happens plus there would be one other post for her second photobook but that wouldn't be for at least three months. Mizuki did write on her Nogi blog that she would be taking a break after graduating and over the last few years has been their busiest member, she is the center for her last Nogi single "Chance wa Byoudou" that came out two weeks ago and it's th second time she's been a solo center. Do know she has a film coming out at the end of the year which does look like an interesting one, it's been a while since there's been any Nogi dramas or films.

 It has been so long since the last post for Mizuki but not going to go back and have all of her missed things. Though she is busy over the last year there hasn't been all that many magazine spreads or events but will sprinkle in a few 2023 things in these posts. First off are these photos from Mizuki's IG page and she's just a so-so poster of them. Some of these pics are from the photo shoot for the current single and the bottom ones are from hosting 'Showroom' to promote the new book. The top one was of her visiting Haruka's 'Girls Locks' show and she too is way overdue for a post but it's been almost impossible to have one for her the last few months.

 No cards yet for the new single but do have some slightly older ones which of course hadn't been posted. First few are for Valentine's Day while most after that are from December.

 Mizuki will be hitting the age of 25 this July, when she graduates in May she'll have been four months shy of being with Nogi eight years. So while there are quite a few pics for today could have made this post larger but thought why not hold on to a few other things for at least two more posts? There's been a pair of brand new magazine spreads, will have one for today and I'm kind of surprised how few there have been over the last year. Today's spread is from the April 10th issue of Anan, Mizuki has had a few terrific spreads with them too in the past.

 Yesterday there was an event held for her second and probably last photobook at the HMV store in Shibuya, could have had more pics and perhaps in that next post. But then again it may be better to have some photos from the May 3rd 'Girls Award' show so think that day or the one after is when the next post for Mizuki will take place.

 Most Keya fans should recognize the woman in the above photo. Mizuki's first PB came out in November 2020 and what a huge seller that was with about 200,000 copies sold. Books don't sell nearly as well at they did years ago but would be shocked if this new book isn't the #1 best seller of 2024. "Heroine" is the title of the book which was released yesterday and the photo shoot took place in LA. Have many promo pics here from the book and could have had more so those you'll be seeing in her upcoming posts and this book appears to be such a tremendous one! As usual there is no video from a Nogi event and that's been the case for at least five years. After these sweltering pics is a short promo video for the book which was published by the CanCam magazine. Mizuki has been a model with them since August 2018 and will have her new spread for them coming up.

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