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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Yuuka Sugai: Her merveilleux post' #21....


 Sorry for the slow beginning to April, most months have a period such as this but things tend to even out by the end of a month. One reason is because things have been a bit slowish as of late though do have the makings of about five other posts but just can't quite finish them. Another reason and actually perhaps the main one is discussed in the post that's two below this one and was just published less than an hour ago. Did discuss a project that I've been working on which has taken up quite a bit of my time, don't think it will be a popular series of posts but one that's a bit exciting to me and the first pair of those posts you'll see tomorrow.

 Whew, hard to tp that above perfect photo though many did! It was from Yuuka's second photobook that came out in late 2022 and that year was just so fabulous for pics. In most years that would have been my #1 but for 2022 it may not have made the top five! Not a large post as far as new pics go but have been wanting to do this for almost two months. I think Yuuka is one underrated beauty and perhaps many other viewers do too as her posts have always been popular here. Her career since leaving Keya in November 2022 has been going well, she's now hosting a variety show that began four days ago, has been hosting a radio show for over a year plus was in two stage plays last year. Yuuka also had the co-lead in the "Chaser Game" drama that ended last month, most viewers seemed to like it but I personally didn't care for the storyline so didn't view it.

 You can see how Yuuka changed above from 2016 to 2022, she will be hitting the age of 29 this November. Will begin off with some recent pics from her IG page, she posts so many of them could have had double the amount. Those top two photos are so terrific, they're for an upcoming mag spread so perhaps can have another post somewhat soon and Yuuka's last before today was done in January.

 Well, not #1 to me but if Yuuka feels she is who can argue with her! It being Spring how about some older Keya cards for the season and did notice something about cards. Up until the name change to Sakura the group would always have cards for the four seasons or some special holidays, that ceased with the name change and the ones you see these days are mainly for their singles.

 Not sure if these cards could be considered ones for Spring but don't think many had been posted before. They're from the old 'Keya Kise' web game and I think this series were their best cards by far and who wouldn't want Yuuka cheering them on!

 Seems once a member leaves Keya you never see them have any gravure pics after that save for one member. So how about an encore viewing featuring some of Yuuka's pics from her second photobook, it came out in November 2022 and since then there's only been two Keya books.

 Yuuka and Yui were never extremely close mates while with Keya but do have some fabulous pics of the duo together and many had never been posted before. The massive question is what has happened with Yui? Her farewell concert took place on February 1st, the following day she posted one final batch of pics at the group blog. Since then not one thing has been heard from her so it's been over two months, sure she needed a break but don't make it much longer or you'll be forgotten about. 

 Will end off with this newish spread that's from the February 21st issue of Weekly Shonen. Yuuka was their cover girl and had wanted to do a post for her back then though it didn't seem as there were enough new pics but guess I could have done one as it would have looked very similar to this post. No new videos save for ones from her radio show but after the pics have a short backstage video from Yuuka's final Keya concert and I had never seen it until today.

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