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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Iori Sagara: A mish mash of this and that....


 Lot of pics for this post but not all are brand new as Iori has finally hit a slowish period which hasn't happened in quite a long time. Though don't think that will be lasting all that long as I do know in a few weeks she will be the cover girl for a pair of magazines plus has at least one digital book coming out. Do have one of those for today which will end the post but not many other new things but there wasn't much else going on for today and hope I can squeeze another post in. Also at the bottom of the post is some fabulous news of something coming up in two months.

 First off are these newish pics from Iori's IG page, she's bene posting more of them than usual. The top two two are from the photo shoot for the book that is at the bottom of the post, hard to explain why but the fifth pic is my fave as I like that laid back style and have noticed Iori is someone who does enjoy the spirits.

 There not being many other new things how about going way back into the past on.... Nao's Time Machine?! Besides Iori these days haven't been able to do all that many posts for Nogi's second generation members so will go back eight years(!) with this oldie but goldie set! It's from the February 2016 edition of UTB and if it was posted it had to be done back then so sure all have forgotten about. It features six of the nine 2G members and their names are on the pics.

 Have another ancient set that's from the December 16, 2016 issue of Young Gangan. It's a solo Iori spread and am fairly sure it had never been posted before, think it could also be her first ever solo spread which was a rarity with Nogi.

 About a month ago did post this spread from the March 22nd issue of Young Animal. Iori was the cover girl and that's been happening more frequently, am having it again as it features outtake pics from the digital book.

 Will end off with that book which the Young Animal magazine released on March 29th. At 31 photos it's not that large which is why I needed a few other things for this post. Iori has a YT channel and for so long she uploaded many tremendous videos but hasn't had a new one for over  month. But in some terrific news it was announced two days ago she'll be releasing her first ever regular photobook on June 27 and what took so long? After the pics have a short video that's promoting it.

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