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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Hinatazaka46: The overly exotic fifth solo post for.... Hiyori Hamagishi!!!!


 Two days in a row with a Hina member post, in that last one did say how these posts are quite popular. Well, not for every member and sadly at the bottom of the list as far as popularity goes would be Hiyori though am sure she must have some fans out there. I like her immensely and she is one ultra attractive woman, would love to see her have a photobook. Sure the odds are quite low on that which is one reason Hiyori's posts don't receive a high amount of views but this is one super duper post and hopefully can garner her a new fan or two. It's also nice do have posts that feature zero gravure photos and there are none for today but that doesn't mean the pics aren't fabulous as they are and have at least sixty new ones for this post.

 Hina has become such a large group, think they now have 31 members. So that means they now have a Senbatsu lineup for the first time for their next single, that will have sixteen members. Hiyori didn't make the cut and don't think it's because she's not a favorite of fans but management is just pushing the 4G members a bit too much at the expense of the older gals. It's not a bad thing not being a Senbatsu member as the ones who aren't have their own song which is actually better and the members do get a decent amount of screen time. This is Hiyori's first post since the beginning of October, that had been for her 21st birthday which took place the prior week. Almost everything for today will be from the last few months, first off are some pics from her IG page.

 At 167.5 cm Hiyori is the second tallest member in Hina, she's also the only one to come from Fukuoka. No group cards for over two months but do have some fine looking ones for December and January, almost everything for today had never been posted before.

 Hiyori wasn't at the March 2nd 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show which is a rarity for her. But she will be at the May 3rd 'Girls Award' Spring show so hope to have a few more Hina solo posts right after that. At one time the With magazine site had three '46' members as models, one from each group. But those modeling pics stopped last May and what a shame as they were always so terrific, these are Hiyori's final ones from the site and why hasn't someone else signed her up to be a model? Well, actually one did which was the andGirl magazine but there's been no new pics since December.

 Have one brand new Hiyori mag spread for today which is from the April 18th issue of Young Gangan. It's Hiyori's first solo spread in almost a year, three of the pics are from the photo shoot.

 We've hit the end, while it was a large post could have made it even bigger. But why not hold back a few things and with any luck can have the next post for Hiyori after that May 3rd 'Girls Award' show. For the finale have twenty fabulous promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game, they go backwards from March until December. Each month has four pics but January had eight as there's a special game series called S.teller. Hina does have a YT channel for member videos but Hiyori hasn't uploaded a new one for five months. But it was a entertaining video which is after the pics, she returned home to Fukuoka and did visit her family though their faces were hidden.

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