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Also these days(mid-2017) have many posts for Korean actresses, dramas and films that are worth checking out as over the years have become a much bigger fan of Korean dramas versus the ones from Japan.

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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Yui Kobayashi: Her first dazzling post since being crowned as the Queen for 2022!!!!


 The biggest question is can she repeat as my yearly #1 fave? If you asked me would lean towards saying no but then again her finishing number one last year was the most pleasant surprise of any yearly list I've done. After Yui took that three month hiatus at the end of 2021 was just hoping she would do enough to even make the list as she wasn't busy at all upon her return as she only had one post by the end of April. But after that Yui was busier than ever and she ended the year off with fourteen posts which is her all time high and she squeaked out a narrow victory to be #1 for last year!

 Don't know if anyone else noticed or if it's true but even when Yui returned from that hiatus she didn't seem like her old upbeat and fun self. I really thought for a while she would graduate from Keya but luckily that didn't take place and in a few interviews last Autumn said she had no intentions of leaving for a while. Yui seems to be the kind of woman who is happier when she's extremely busy, that happened in the second half of 2022 with her second photobook, appearing at many fashion shows and doing various other things. So when she's happier so aren't I(we?) so while repeating as number one is unlikely there doesn't appear to be any clear cut favorites for this year so guess it is possible.

 Need new adjectives created for that above pic, whew times a few million!!!! The last month has been a bit of a slowish period for Yui and Keya yet have close to sixty new pics for today plus a batch of oldies, her posts are usually huge and there's no one I enjoy doing posts for more than her. This is a slower stretch because Keya is working on their 14th single, fifth as Sakura, which will be coming out in about four weeks so I expect there to be many solo and group posts next month. First off are the last set of group cards that came out in November and there should be many coming up for their single.

 More new pics which are promo ones for the 'Uni's on Air' web game, they're for New Years and why would the theme be of a Circus?

 Back in May Yui opened her own IG page, while her pics are better than anyone else wish she would upload more of them and these are from the last month.

 Only a few new modeling photos from the With site, in July she'll be celebrating her fifth anniversary with them. The pics from the site are so inconsistent for everyone, one moth you may have twenty new ones then only five over the next two months. 

 In Yui's last post had a new spread for the ar magazine and it's the first time she's appeared in that mag. These are some more modeling pics from them which are from the spread's photo shoot.

 No new magazine spreads for today but bet there will be some coming out soon because of the new single. So let's have an encore viewing of this set from the November 2019 issue of EX-Taishu and this could be my number one Yui magazine spread.

 There's going to be a pair of 'Tokyo Girls Collection' shows coming up in the next seven weeks, hopefully we'll be seeing members from Keya and Hina there. But have noticed their and other model's strolls on the catwalk are getting shorter as they're often only 25-30 seconds, these models travel so many hundreds of miles to do take such a short stroll? Yesterday Yui was at the TGC show that was held in Shizuoka, she appeared on the Red Yazel stage and shame her stroll didn't last longer.

 Have noticed that at the last three fashion shows it's been the same trio of Keya members who have appeared, at one time they used to have at least five. But as has been the case at all of these TGC shows the trio made a second appearance on stage to promote a Keya credit card for AEON/TGC, Yui looked so ultra alluring during this promo and wish she had dressed like this for her solo stroll. You will notice her footwear in some of the pics, at 160 cm she's not too short but wore those as she was with Keya's two tallest current members. After the pics is a video of the trio promoting the card, their segment doesn't begin until the 7:22 mark but it does last for four minutes.

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