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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Miku Kanemura: Her extraordinary and historical twelfth post....


 Miku's first nine posts, which were all done last year, have received a decent amount of views but really thought they should have been more popular as they were all fabulous posts. However her last two have been her most popular posts ever and by a wide margin, having those rare gravure photos from a '46' member makes all the difference in the world! Last year she did finish in the 17th position on the faves list, would be surprised if a top five spot doesn't happen for 2023.

 All those pics above are from Miku's first photobook that was released on December 20th. Do have the book but have a rule where I wait at least three months before posting any book from a '46' member so expect to see it in April. Will say I'm pleasantly surprised at how terrific this book is, wasn't expecting too many gravure photos but there are quite a few. In it's first three weeks out the book has sold a total of 87,000 copies which is a high total but it may deserve more!!!! Two final pics from the book and the second one is in the running to be my #1 photo of the year!

 Glad to see Miku has picked up quite a few new fans over the last five weeks, you should be enjoying this post as there's around 55 new pics. First off are these from Hina's group blog and by the end of the week will have another group post.

 Of course Miku has done many interviews for the photobook, here's one of them from the Model Press site and here's the link to it: Model Press interview

 Brand new promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game, they have two sets for January. First four are for New Years with a Circus(?) theme, the others are for a special collection called 'Precious Pair' and she's joined by Nao.... sigh, not this one....

 On January 14th Miku and four other members attended the 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show held in Shizuoka. It was the first time any members had appeared at a show since September, there's two more coming up so hope to see her at one or both of them. Miku took her stroll on the Moments+ stage and none of the model's walks were long enough.

 Lot of pics for this post but we've hit the end rather quickly. Don't know if it's true but it seemed to me Miku appeared on more magazine covers than any other ''46' member in 2022, perhaps for the prior year also. She has that honor again once more for this last set that's from the January issue of 20Sweet+. Don't think Miku's personal video from the "Kimi Shika Katsutan" single has ever been posted so have that following the pics.

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