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Monday, January 30, 2023

Hina Higuchi: Her torrid "Koibito no You ni" photobook scans plus an....


 .... early Happy Birthday as she'll be turning 25 tomorrow! Usually don't do a post on the last day of the month which is tomorrow, try to leave off with a super duper post as it'll be the first one you see for two days. Have had this book for a while but when it got close to October thought why not wait a few months and have it on Hina's 25th birthday, always wait at least three month before posting a '46' member's books. Sadly this book was like too many others from Nogi as it was a graduation book, this book came out last April but Hina didn't officially graduate until October. Nogi photobooks have really been slowing down the past few years, there was just four last year with three being ones for graduations, as a matter of fact think nine out the previous ten have been for that sad occasion. Did only one solo post for Hina when she was with the group though it was a terrific one but she's also had so many pics in group posts.

 Hina was just thirteen when she joined Nogi all the way back in 2011, she's their second ever youngest member. For so long Hina was a member you didn't notice all that much but as the years went on that changed. She was a Senbatsu member for her final five singles, started having many more magazine spreads and was a model for the JJ site. Hina was one of those 'glues' with Nogi, perhaps she didn't get a lot of attention for a while but she was a likable member and seemed most other Nogi gals respected her a lot. On to the photos for this book which was released on April 4, 2022 and it was a decent seller with close to 60,000 copies sold. Hina's been busy since her graduation that took place almost four months ago as she has a radio show and has appeared in two dramas, one just began a few weeks ago. When you talk about Nogi members with terrific figures bet Hina's name isn't mentioned often but it should as she does have a superb body. Sure you can tell that by viewing these above pics and while there are a decent amount of gravure photos wish there were more, there's a total of 122 pics in this photobook.


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