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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

"Abunai Deka" drama: Episode six of 51(!!!!) recap


 Air Dates: October 5, 1986 until September 27,1987 on NTV, Sunday nights at 9:00 pm
Director: Toru Murakawa, this episode's rating was 12.5%
Subs were one again done by GEO9875, this was one huge project to do so will give a huge thumbs up for doing the subs and hope the recaps gives the series it's proper justice. 

Main Cast: Wrote this up after viewing the first two shows and know there will be a lot of editing to the bios as we have so much to learn about the characters. The first two get the most screen time by far but the other four main characters are also very key to this drama. The setting is the Minato Police Station in the Naka ward of Yokohama and the station is part of the Kanagawa prefectural police. If you enjoy J-Pop songs then this show has some superb tunes, most know I'm a fan but do prefer the music from the 80's. Plus there's no beating the hairdos of women from that era! This series also goes by the name of....

 Hiroshi Tachi as Toshiki Takayama.... You'll see Taka often in the screenshots. He's about a 35 year old man who is an investigator of serious crimes and the gangsters go out of their way to avoid him! Takayama has a bit of a 'cool persona' about him and is an ace with guns, he's the partner of Oshita but seems they didn't start working closely together until the first episode. While both are aces with guns their methods also get them in hot water with their superiors but the pair usually come out on top at the end as far as solving cases go.

Kyohei Shibata as Yuji Oshita.... About the same age as Takayama but looks younger. During the first episode Oshita blurted out he's got a bit of a shady past and it surprised many he became a sergeant. He knows how to pick a lock and some other methods criminals use, sure we'll find out more as time goes on. Like his new partner Takayama he is quite adept using all guns, unlike his partner Oshita isn't much of a 'people person' as Takayama is the one who often interviews witnesses, criminals or others. 

Atsuko Asana as Kaoru Mayama.... Member of the Juvenile Division which shares the same office as the Investigative Unit which Takayama and Oshita are a part of. Karou has gone out to crime scenes with the detectives but they never let her get in on the real action.

Toru Nakamura as Toru Machida.... Not a rookie but hasn't been an inspector for all that long. Machida is the best fighter in the unit and also the women swoon over him but he does have a girlfriend which he said in the first show. 

Nana Kinomi as Yuko Matsumura.... How about that hairdo?! Yuko is the chief of the Juvenile Division but haven't seen her make much of a contribution to any cases so far. She does share some unknown secret from the past with the Investigative chief Kondo that took place ten years ago, will that become part of the story? She's also quite the 'Fashion Queen' who often shows up at the station in some new glittering outfit.

Shizuo Chujo as Takuzo Kondo.... Chief of the Investigation Unit, smart man but seems to be more concerned on what he'll be having for lunch! But at one time Kondo was feared by the Yokohama gangsters and has been on the force for thirty years.

 There's a few more minor characters such as the detective Yoshi, chief Tanaka and female officer Hitomi,  if their roles become larger will add them onto this list.

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 Playing the role of Midori in this episode is the actress Yuki Kazamatsuri and what a colorful career she's had! Don't know how many viewers know older Japanese films well but the Pinku genre was quite popular in the 1970s and 80s, she appeared in so many of those films though personally I haven't seen many of them. But Yuki was also a popular mainstream actress, so popular she even appeared in the first "Kill Bill" movie. She'll be turning seventy this year but when this was filmed she was 33 at the time and I thought she looked so mighty fine! 

 Most of these episodes have had many minor incidents which weave into the main story. In the top screenshot above Oshita happened to enter a bank where.... a robbery was about to take place! As you can see Oshita asked the robber if he had a 'Death Wish' but it should have been the robber saying that as Oshita approached him with no gun. He nonchalantly took the wanna-be-robber's pistol away and dragged the man to the Minato police station! The second screenshot shows Takayama bringing a teen girl into the station, he talked her out of throwing herself off a roof and it was because her boyfriend broke up with her! Oshita and Takayama have been cool characters since the first second of this series but that coolness level is rising with each show! In the third screenshot is the Investigation Unit's chief Kondo telling Takayama to lay off investigating the Ginsei Yakuza clan and that soon may be a more major theme to this drama.

 You can see in the fourth screenshot there's a dead body who was slain by a gun. The man's name was Toshio Nagai and not much was known about him save that he worked as the bartender at a small restaurant named Northern Light. Also working there was the above woman Midori and talked about her in the intro, sometimes it may be difficult to tell by the screenshots but what an attractive woman she was. In that screenshot Midori told the detectives she didn't know much about Nagai which turned out to be a huge lie but did add in he was close to a man named Miyamoto. By now Oshita and Takayama have been added to the murder case and their first task was to hunt down this Miyamoto dude, he's in the bottom screenshot. At first Oshita tried to grab the man who went fleeing away and hijacked the first car he ran into, of course sitting in the passenger seat was Takayama! Miyamoto had no clue he had hijacked an unmarked police car, to make a short story shorter the driver drove straight to the Minato police station!

 When Midori was first questioned at the Northern Light bar Oshita wasn't there but saw her later on when she visited the station to give more info. One look at Midori and Oshita fell head over heels(!), he may be a better looking man than Takayama but doesn't have the 'cool persona' about him that Takayama does. However Midori seemed to like him(did she?) and the pair went out a few times for drinks, on each occasion Takayama was lurking in the shadows! The main suspect in the Nagai murder is Miyamoto who of course also hijacked the police car. However the bullet that killed Nagai didn't match up with Miyamoto's gun, least the police can still hold him for carjacking. But the bullets in Miyamoto's gun were a match with the ones used in a jewelry store robbery in Tokyo three years ago, it appears the Investigative Unit is making some headway.

 In that older robbery there were three suspects, none were ever captured so it's still an open case. Usually those kinds of cases go to the main Prefectural Police, Kondo did try to move the case to them which worked but it was sent right back to the Minato station to solve. Later on that day a threatening call was placed to the station, if Miaymoto isn't released by 2:00 pm the next day then there will be some innocent people shot in the Isezakicho section of Yokohama. When Miyamoto heard that he was frightened out of his wits, Miyamoto knows if he's released he'll be a marked man. Because of that he began to tell Oshita and Takayama some useful info, about the old Tokyo jewelry robbery. Such as that Miyamoto admitted he was part of the heist team and so wasn't the murdered Nagai but was a bit too scared to reveal who the third gang member was though eventually he did cave in.

 Things didn't go according to plan the following day for the threatening caller. Miyamoto was being brought to the location but was never handed over to this unknown person, before they arrived there was a shooting as it was after 2:00 pm. Takayama was on the scene and while no one was hit he almost was and least now the police know this person isn't joking. There was another call to the station by this shooter, the police will have one more chance to hand over Miyamoto which will be the following day and if there's any more screwups innocent people will die! So for now there's nothing for the Minato station to do save wait for the following day, you can see above what Oshita's plans were for the evening. He once again met up with Midori, this time it was at the Northern Light bar which is now closed for business. Midori is planning on leaving Yokohama or least that's what she told Oshita who up to now has been blind on what's been going on with Midori, love can do that!

 Not blind to what Midori may have been up to was Takayama who appeared out of nowhere at the closed bar. That did peeve Oshita as three's company but by the end of the show will know why Takayama kept interfering with his dates. We viewers had a slight suspicion about Midori being involved in Nagai's murder but we never knew all that Takayama had surmised until the end. It's the following day and time for Miyamoto to be handed over to the culprit, by now the police have figured out the man's name is Kanamori. He's was or perhaps still is a member of the Ginsei clan and though Takayama has been told to lay off them they have their thugs everywhere. As Miyamoto thought this exchange was just a set up, you can see above he was in the sights of Kanamori's rifle. So wasn't Oshita and you can see in the bottom screenshot above that was a cool scene, Kanamori did fire but missed badly and fled the park.

 When Kanamori fled the park he was never apprehended by the police.... that's because someone shot him to death before Oshita and Takayama could arrive! Who could that mysterious shooter have been and the answer to that is in the above top screenshot. Takayama finally revealed to Oshita what he had been investigating in private, that Midori was the killer of Nagai and now also Kanamori! Nagai's murder had taken place at his apartment, we saw Takayama do it but no one else did which was of picking up a blouse button near the dead body. Some days later Takayama entered Midori's apartment and as you can see above the button matched with one of her blouses. Takayama searched her place along with Kanamori's before he was shot to death, in neither case did it appear Takayama had a search warrant. So after hearing all of that along with a few other details Oshita knows it's up to him to make the arrest to the woman he loves(!).

 Time for the final showdown which took place at the Northern Light bar. Midori was packing up everything as the place would be closing for good and she was prepared to leave Yokohama the following day, of course that wasn't to be. Oshita played a tune from the ancient jukebox and the pair had a final dance around the bar's floor. Midori had coolly hidden a small gun in her handkerchief and would she have used it on Oshita? Yes she would have as Midori did cock the trigger but Oshita put his thumb on the hammer so it wouldn't fire, Midori knew all hope was lost so she revealed to Oshita the entire story. She had shot Nagai but she claimed self defense as he had forced himself on her. Midori also confessed to shooting Kanamori and that's because of a secret he knew. Midori was a part of the jewelry store heist three years ago as she had worked there and made sure the gang had easy access to everything. Midori's grand plan was for Miyamoto to be killed by Kanamori, then she would shoot Kanamori and then no one would know about her shady past. It was later revealed she was also part of three other robberies and Oshita sure knows how to pick his women! That concludes this recap and am starting to fly through this series but may not have the next pair of recaps for about a week.

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