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Monday, January 23, 2023

Miria Watanabe: Her sizzling new digital photobook plus many other goodies!!!!


 Here's someone I bet no Nogi fan would ever think you'd hear from again but these kinds of posts really make my day! In the post just below this said a reason I wanted to do it is because there may never have been back to back posts for any second generation members who were my top Nogi gals. Don't know if what I thought was true but know that this is.... there had never been three posts in a row for second generation members! While this is just Miria's second ever solo post she has so many photos in group ones, was just checking out some older posts and bet she has well over 200 pics here. To me Miria just may have been the most kawaii member Nogi has ever had and I miss posting about women like her, hope this 'blast from the past' post isn't a one and done deal.

 For so long I was one of Miria's biggest supporters, so many second generation members got bit of a raw deal from management with Miria sadly leading the pack. Really thought she was going to be such a popular member but think when the third generation began getting so much attention she and a few others were pushed aside which did infuriate me to a bit. When she graduated in August 2021 thought we may never hear from her again but after a semi break is back so as I mentioned hope this isn't the only post I can do for her.

 Whew, four of the above pics are from her graduation photobook and have to say that was one terrific PB. Have never posted the book for I asked if anyone wanted to see it but got no responses, same deal with one other Nogi photobook. When Miria was with the group only one other member posted as many photos at their blog as she did, kind of surprised how few IG pics she has these days. So here's an encore viewing of some older ones and there's so many of these in group posts.

 Miria was in four stage plays last year and also did a voice acting gig for an anime. Her next stage play will be opening on June 16h and is titled "Towatsugai" and she has one of the lead roles. There was a very mini press conference two days ago, bit early for an event as it doesn't begin until June.

 Miria still does look quite young but she really isn't as she turned 23 back on November 1st, her height is 153 cm which made her the shortest of the second generation members. So while there's many things in older posts there are a lot of missing pics such as these Nogi cards for New Years.

 One more batch of older pics so you can see how she's grown over the years, this is a magazine spread from the May 2019 issue of UTB.

 And grown is what Miria has done over the years, I'd love to see her do more gravure work and bet many others agree with that too! Here's a brand new spread from the February 6th issue of WPB that features outtake and promo pics for her first digital photobook.

 The WPB magazine also released the book and doesn't Miria look so, so fabulous?! To me she does and hope I don't forget about this book as it's so darn terrific it could end up being my #1 digital book of the year! My only beef is that there's only 52 photos but after them is a video of the photo shoot, as mentioned would love to see Miria do more gravure work as the video is out of this world!!

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